Pardon Me

Working in the make up department is a bitch. All day drawing women new faces while they have the nerve not to purchase anything. Every so often I go to the back room and light up some weed just to phase out.However yesterday change my mode when I met Carrie. Chunky with hourglass curves, Carrie worked in the perfume department. She lost her job at… Continue reading Pardon Me


Three Places

In the living room, the brown couch became our fantasy. Draped with fat pillows we tossed them to the floor. Usually dressed professionals for the office our nude bodies moved in a rhythm as I rode my husband squeezing his cock. Hugging tight, he stopped our performance and said, “Baby have you been doing kegels?” I rotated my hips… Continue reading Three Places


Fuck Me Better

Hi, I am Darla the chief editor of UpShitQ magazine. Livia asked me to share my experience with the man I quickly describe as ‘no fucking way’. Bringing you to my current situation, I am sitting in my office hesitating about calling this guy back for a night of fun. The last time we got together he licked inside my pussy for an hour then fell into my fat pussy screaming that its too big for him. The smirk on… Continue reading Fuck Me Better