NicoLegend: Core Breed

The understanding became an assumption among many. The belief that she died long ago gave no comfort to enemies. In her company, heartbeats broke into rhythm as death became a passion. Her charm gave men an appetite for chocolate pussy even at death. Tears upon her sword, drew blood from life without a touch. From dark alleys to mountaintops Nico let them die with grace. As the body count led her closer to LoKen Dragon founder she began to see her brothers reflection.

Next part: 5/26/19

Confession: 173

I fell in love then out. Make me cum on cam then eat my pussy on the bed is the norm. I don’t have to ask if you can handle it because you were made for this. Built like a master yet you teach me like a daddy. On your lap I swallow dreams inside me. We not normal fucking like this everyday. We not average loving each other this way. As warm cum poured down my throat I became your attachment. Always wanting to be close but we’re not made for that. Time drove us apart then it was just me. Then I realized I can’t live this way. So I started fucking the guy at work named Chris.


I draw upon an emotion that many search for. A weapon to enemies, they drown in my cum soaked dreams. Then I bring them back just to plant wet wishes on naughty faces. The only way to my good side is to put your face between my large mounds of lust. Then all is forgiven as each one is given new life. Now the rules have changed and there is no choice left. Surrender to my deepest fantasy or I will leave you erect with pain.