Backs to cold blankets we lay by each other’s side. Inhaling tasty energy our light stopped working. The thought to be alone scared us both, so we held hands. Nipples still erect from full lips made our eyes connect once again. The light came to be as we formed a new bond. Ass to face changed the temperature when you said, “swallow my face queen.”

I Can Tell

The history behind his eyes, tells me a lot. Long nights waiting for her left him lifeless till the morning. Each day she would charge him up, by sucking his cock like nothing is new. He laid into her desire knowing something is different. Her nude body would lay bare next to his after a lustful night, usually. However those nights are gone as she never comes home anymore. Sweet milk chocolates on the kitchen counter brought wide smiles to innocent lips, usually. However cold dinners persevere themselves as full bellies are hidden from wondering eyes. No dinner yet juicy pussy would take the place but not today. A realization came quick when something new paid attention. So he took refuge in the pussy of Erica. As Lola gave comfort, she bent over letting him unleash his pain. Debbie welcomed his emotion as sticky cum smothered her lips. After all was done, he woke up to a wife he knew but didn’t want anymore.


The rain poured heavily as Tabitha watched him close the door. Powerful tears laid a lovely trail against swollen cheeks. Red rose petals fell as she clutched the bundle tight. Hard nipples bared all her secrets in a wet sundress. Then as the sun became the focus strong hands held to her waist. Her new love drew his attention to her perky nipples. Massaging them softly he whispered to her,”There is no place I’d rather be, come go with me. He never deserved you in the first place.”