Meant for Me

Crossing paths, I gave you a name.

Wishing one day you will notice me.

In and out of my dreams I cum for you,

Then as the sun rises my dream burns.

Too shy to let our souls kiss,

I keep wishing that you notice me.

If our bodies met, they would be drunk with pleasure.

I bite my lip, knowing we would be fucking awesome together.


Believe me, as these lips take in your most vulnerable perspective. I kneel as a queen before a king, honored to show this level of appreciation. Watching every emotion on your face produces tears between my thighs. Pulling back, your heart eases off the accelerator then I go in for more. She never did it like this, which makes our time together special. Unique in every way, I trust you with my own innocence. Your foundation of kisses allows me to give in so easily. I am sewn into your being like an invisible thread. As you are so much of me, I am forever your queen.

I know

These red lace panties have your name written on them. I took my time picking out red panties because it’s your favorite color. How do I know you love red? Well when I walk into the room with glossy red lips you smile. Then one day, you came into my view with a big white box wrapped in one gold bow. Upon opening the gift, you said be my date tonight. The red dress in the box gave wet dreams a day off. I fell into a deep love that night which is why I will never leave your side. However, how do I know you love red baby? Well the other day I was sad and you gave me one red rose to ease my pain. So tonight these red lace panties represent my love and devotion to you. As you pull them down to eat my pussy, know there is no place I rather be. While my pussy creams your face and takes you on a erotic ride smile, Joseph. Our love is exclusive and nothing will ever change that.