The Picnic

“Would you care to go with me to enjoy a picnic?” Robert took Laura’s hand kissing it softly as she got lost in his eyes. The two sat on the couch in an intimate stare off. “What kind of picnic?” As she looked at him with soft cherry lips. Moving in closer as if to suck on her lips, the anticipation became noticeable as her breasts pumped with excitement. Amused by her desire he said, “The kind of picnic where I lay your body on a red blanket then open your legs and kiss your sweet pussy. ” Her cheeks were like roses; they became shy to his words. He knew a picnic would not fancy her but teasing her pussy is something she thoroughly enjoys. The temperature between them became sticky and hot as he moved her on to his lap. Again she looked at him for a kiss then said, “Are you going to tongue my pussy deeply?“smiling at him so young. Rubbing her back, he slid his hands down into her jeans and kept massaging her curvy ass. “No, I am going to spread your pussy lips apart and rub my tongue in a circle on your clit, then suck it gently while fingering that sweet strawberry center.” Laura’s emotions were all over her face, as the two met for a passionate kiss while still grabbing on to her ass. “Robert, when you suck on my clit I get so wet, what will you do with all that juice?” Grinding on him, he then said, “I will suck all your fat pussy juice and then rub my cock all in it.“She felt his passion run through her body then kissed him again while whispering onto his lips,” So how far away is this picnic?”

Missing You

Before Sebastian left for the airport he laid a white rose next to Karyn as she slept peacefully from a night of lustful passion. Stepping back from her, he stood in the door way taking in the last bit of essence from her voluptuous body. Smiling as he seen her toss between the sheets, his lips apart there came the words I love you. As the door shut behind him, he left thinking about their future.

Shortly, arriving at his home in Venice, Italy adjusting to life without Karyn became difficult with each passing day. The work as an engineer is endless but thoughts about her were intrusive. Every waking hour he thought about her and he often thought she might feel the same. However, there were no calls or emails at this point. Checking his phone often, he thought about just calling her but he didn’t want to seem impulsive.

One night while laying in bed he received a notification in his inbox. A smile came to his face when he seen that it is Karyn. Her email began with a small introduction to what she had been up to and that she Graduates with her PhD next week. Gratitude for his support made the message special and genuine. He began to close the email when he seen an video attachment with the words true love as the file name. Smiling again, the video came to life with Karyn as the focus in a pink see through top and panties. Instantly hard, she sat in a chair rubbing her perky nipples. Teasing him for a moment she spread her thick legs exposing her pink fat pussy that is set between fat chocolate walls. As Sebastian began to stroke his vanilla cock the video cut off. Anxious to get it back, the video wouldn’t open again. Falling over into his pillow mad, he decided to get up and for a sip of tea. Upon arriving to the kitchen there was a knock to his door. As the door open, he stood ready to greet anyone with anger because it was late. Refocusing his eyes, he seen that it is Karyn in the same outfit from the video. Staring at each other for a moment, he put her in a intimate hug then closed the door.


Brian grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at Fiona as she sat there watching Netflix in a black dress. Looking at him, she quickly threw a pillow back yelling “Stop it Brian!“Realizing the bad mood, he pounced on Fiona like a tiger then showered her neck with kisses. Small giggles opened her back up to him and she rewarded him with a look of desire. Lips wet with kisses, Brian gazed into her eyes then said, ” We are going camping tonight.“A sudden look of fright came across her face which made her dismiss what he presented. Leaning back from the embrace with a raised brow she saw that he was serious about going camping. “Brian camping is not for black people nor big women.” Observant of her fear he laughed then placed her hands into his saying,”I think you are more worried about size than color but don’t worry I have the muscles to carry my princess” kissing her hand as he wrapped her into a hug. Although she wanted to tell him no, soon they were at the kitchen table getting ready for the trip to the Arolla Campsite. 

Arriving at the campsite, Brian got all their backpacks out the car while Fiona adjusted her pants in front of him. “Do you have a thong on?” he teased as she turned to stick her tongue out at him.They walked for a while and Fiona stopped suddenly causing Brian to run into her. “So why are we really here Brian?” tapping her foot on the ground as if she demanded an answer. Dropping the backpacks, he looked into her eyes as she stood their waiting. “You won’t show me your sensual side, so I brought you here to scream for me.” Her eyes widen with curiosity as he picked the backpack from the ground. Deep down she had always wanted a man like him, who knew her wants and desires without even touching her. His words left her with nothing to say as they continued their walk to the campsite. 

Tall trees and lush land surrounded the quiet campsite.Brian laid a large blanket onto the ground then added pillows to set the mood. The fire ablaze in the center Fiona finally sat down next to him enjoying the scenery. “What if some animal comes and gets us?” holding on to him as she looks into his gray eyes for a quick answer. Chuckling a little he rubbed her rosy cheek, “If some animal dare comes to hurt my princess I will kill him with my bare hands.” Although darkness came in a hurry she knew that he would do all he could to protect her. Rubbing between her thighs he felt her plush fat pussy in his hand. She began kissing him wildly sucking his lips into hers. Pushing her onto his lap, he pulled out his cock and slowly went inside her juicy walls. Up and down she rode his cock as he sucked her caramel nipples. Moaning loud as she grinds on him, she let out a scream, “Oh yes I love to be fucked!“answering her request he re-positioned himself behind her. Fiona’s huge ass spread like it was meant to be fucked as he slid his cock into her. Juices flowed onto his cock as strokes became faster. Pussy tingling with excitement she felt his vanilla cock gliding against her clit. Quiet moans became louder as he fucked her tight pussy. In the moment she felt him deeply then moaned out, ” I love camping with you now fuck me!