A New Experience

The long flowing dress parted slighted to show off my thighs. My golden locks kissed my chocolate shoulder as the locals seemed to look in my direction. My smile made them blush as I walked passed them with a soft perfume in the air. No angry faces just smiles as I embraced New York. Manhattan laid an unfamiliar welcome but I felt at home anyway. From the Statue of Liberty to Battery Park, I loved every bit of the busy city.

So now that you know where I have been let me tell you where my next couple posts are going. Spending a week in New York gave me a new perspective and feeling not felt before. The men I seen in the city were sweet enough to eat and tough enough to climb on. I know you are eager to hear about all my experiences but I will save that for later. For now we will focus on a week of New York Fantasies. Thank you New York for showing me another side of myself.


Preface: This story comes to mind because its something that actually happened to me long ago. I just felt like this guy is not going to like all of me and it turns out I was very wrong. He took his time with me and explored me as if I was something so new to him. It was the most intimate experience I ever had. So its okay to be nude especially when someone can make you feel like nothing else matters. 

“Billy, please close your eyes,” said Savannah as the lights went dim by her touch. Billy set up in bed running his fingers through his wavy ebony hair while smiling at her silhouette. “Savannah, just stand there for a moment I want to appreciate all of you.” Her expression took on a slight frown as she stood there in a black robe with printed red roses. Admiring her curves Billy led a slow crawl to the edge of the bed detaching himself from the blanket. Rising to meet her lips, Savannah took a step back not wanting to dis robe in front of him. “Just let me slide into the blanket, and we can do what you want.” Staring at her lips then glancing into her sparkly hazel eyes he took retreat back to his original post. Silence began coating his mood, yet the tremble in her fingers gave a new perspective. “Savannah its not about my need, I just want to take care of your body.” In front of her once more he brought her hand to his lips kissing it softly while watching the reaction in her eyes. As their bodies became in sync, he put Savannah among the messy sheets while laying kisses on her big belly. Leaving a trail of kisses he spread her thighs then blew soft breathes onto her pussy lips. Uncontrollable moans left her lips giving him motivation. Pulsating as his tongue wet her clit, Savannah began to call to him for more. Moving in circle motions inside her, he held on to her clit as her moans made his cock rise. His hunger for her sweet pussy became strong as her moans got louder. Just before her climax the robe became undeserving as it float in the air then onto the floor. Aggressively Savannah brought him to her lips licking her juices off his. The two held each others gaze for a moment then she said, “I never want to see that robe again.


Days would go by and not a word from Harold. Then when my frantic mind came to a crawl I would get this robotic text from him. His texts would be brief but yet give me a window of opportunity to talk to him. Years of this, led me into a spiral of confusion. I had yet to fully grasp that I was not seen as the prize, he was.

One day I received another robotic text from Harold. Instead of responding with my cheerfulness I shunned his reintroduction and went back to sleep. The next day I felt as if I had new bold blood through my veins and I began to think in a new way.

One quick swipe on Tinder and within a few days I was in Greece sitting at a cafe waiting on Alec. The crisp blue sea became a romantic back drop which complimented his eyes as he approached my table. Quickly he searched me through his smile and took me by the hand. I know I wasn’t ready but yet I was so ready. Laying on his bed, Alec kissed down my body then softly blew wet kisses on my pussy lips. My thighs cradled him some but he kept pushing his tongue in and out of me. For a moment I thought about Harold, then I thought about me as Alec made my wish come true inside me.