Nico: Dead or Alive

Examining the bottom of death, Nico stood at the edge of the cliff. Her long black cape blew in the wind as war became its decoration. Hands bound like a pet, fear of the unknown is a familiar recipe for Nico. Rory her captor, gave his gun to the goon behind him then kissed Nico. In love with death, he knew she had to pay for the slaying of his crew. Pinching her nipple, he let out a moan then took his gun back. His anger is the spawn of a new terror that keeps allies silent. Torn enemies took vengeance as she repaid their debts one by one. Blood seeping from her lip, the sun became an unpleasant devil. No tears for vengeful eyes, she knew death is the real cure. As she began to swallow the pain, Rory began his deadly prayer.

‘Death to you bitch, if I didn’t hate you I would fuck you before I kill you!’
Pushing her farther to the edge, Nico began to stumble. At that moment, she became whole again, like any other soldier. Her silence gave him caution as he pressed the gun to her temple.

‘I love you, but you knew payday was coming.’

Nico fell to her feet as she took in the fatal shot. Rory, let off another shot then tossed her over the cliff. Then as he began turning away, he looked back.

‘Nico, I hope you know what you are doing’

Chapter 1: We Met

I never knew that love would lead me down this road of heartache but it did. Gathering my hair into a bun, I sat looking into the mirror pressing my lips together to form the right shade of red. In the moment, of my beauty routine I brought a tissue to my right eye to blot a tear that began to glide into the crease of my lip. Its not normal for me to cry but today Jake made this possible. The man of my dreams, suddenly swept away by Amber a college girl who had perky tits, long blonde hair, and short skirts. In comparison my tits still round and bountiful reminded me of maturity not age. Moreover not a gray hair in sight, as I began to brush my long black hair. While sitting at my vanity desk made me feel like a princess, I always felt the need to have a prince by my side. However, I thought that prince would be Jake but I had mistaken his initial interest for real love.

At first glance, the instant introduction of Jake, made me frown at his youth. At 24 years old, he stood tall but cocky. His smile made everyone fall to him yet I was not amused. “Livia, can you train Jake today”, said the boss as Jake pulled up a chair and moved in close to view my screen. Sitting closely, he looked into my eyes as if he was amazed by some theatrical performance yet it was just me. “How long have you worked here?”, he asks as I boot my computer to show him the specifics of his job. Although, I don’t mind chatting I hate talking about my personal life. In this office, I am a mystery to the beasts that roam this floor that they call an working environment. Reluctant to answer, I replied “Three years unfortunately” he smiled then followed that question up with another one. This line of questioning made me raise a brow. I looked him over a little then noticed that his legs were moving back and forth as if he was nervous but I knew that he was trying to relax his cock. My pervy mind wondered why he was so horny, just sitting next to me but I tried to pay it no mind. We continued the training throughout the day and he kept looking at me suspiciously and then asked ” How old are you?” smiling as he waited for an answer, I began to regret training him. I wanted him to go away and never return but his presence made me feel admired. Although I could of just answered I didn’t and continued his training. As the day, came to an end I was able to fend off his line of questioning with no replies however I knew tomorrow would be more intense.

The very next day, he found out my age from the company website and couldn’t believe it. He looked at me with a grin then said you don’t look your age at all. Quickly I reminded him that he has to learn this job correctly and that I am not telling him nothing about my life. I sat in my chair, wondering what was his end game but I quickly shrugged it off. As days went on it was time for the company Christmas party. I really didn’t want to go but I did at the suggestion of Jake. I arrived at the party and sat at the bar table. The next person to arrive was Jake and the first question he asked me was “Are you married?”, sitting with arms folded as he interrogate me more. Now I am not sure how to feel, as I try to come up with a witty reply. “No I am not married”, I said in a soft tone looking into him. He smiled and continued his line of questioning. I sat there wondering what he could be thinking about, I know he is not going to ask me out that would be insane. However deep down, I am not opposed to a little insanity.

Nico: Sword of Pri

“Do you want me to let you go?” as Lucas walks closer to Nico running his finger over her cheek with a look of desire.

“Fuck you!” exclaims Nico as her lips tremble with fear watching Luca’s finger snake a trail between her bountiful breasts. The two stare at each other while people walk past the alley as if they are unseen. “Nico, I can let you go just tell me you love me!” Lucas shouts as he looks deep into her eyes while moving closer to calm her trembling lips. His lips pressed against hers they entwine with a lustful kiss but Nico bites him leaving specs of blood at the corner of his lip. “I am not your fucking pet and I will kill you!” He backs up in disbelief and staggers as if she stolen his only hope. “Nico you know what he did to us and I only desire you forever!” screaming at her as two hands fold to his head. Instantly she lures him in with her almond brown eyes and he falls into another kiss to her juicy lips. “Lucas I desire you too but I have the heart of many men,”she whispers to him as she breaks from from his powerful hold. Her warmth turns cold as she reaches for the black pri behind her back and swiftly slides into his chest. “Nico, please no if I die now I will only come back with a stronger desire for you! ” exclaims Lucas as he falls to his knees watching Nico walk away. Kicking him down with her black stiletto boot she keeled down to his level while whispering in his ear, “Every time you come back for me, I will do the same but next time your death will be permanent.”