I Know What I Want

“Tell me what you want?” Julian said, while pinching her nipples.

“I want to cum on your tongue. Make me a prisoner of lust. Bare all my weakness and make me moan to the heavens.” Honey said, as she looks into his eyes.

The heat from the rainforest, gave a glow to their warm skin. Emotions on high display, Julian put one nipple into his mouth. Her panting made his cock hard against kaki shorts.

“I want to drown my pain into your sanctuary. Tasting the the very essence of you. Honey cum on my tongue, I beg you.” Julian laid on a bed of leaves and had Honey sit on his face.

Pushing his tongue deep inside, she began to grind on his face. Cock swollen, Honey began to suck the tip. Julian pumped slowly into her mouth. Going up then down, she gave hand strokes as his cock became her desire.

-excerpt from Julian and Honey

Julian and Honey

Like a wolf focused on prey, I gave into her deepest desires. She lay with innocent eyes as I sucked her fat clit. Soulful moans made the journey easy as I tongue fucked her swollen pussy. Silk sheets kept chubby knuckles wrapped like a gift as I went deeper. A melody of soft notes spelled out my name in a burst. The attitude that led to the argument became a buried subject. In this moment we became what was always meant to be. Hi I’m Julian…

New story series Julian and Honey