Similar Hearts – [FF]

Preface: As a woman there is something about other women that makes you say, “what if?’ What if I went over to Shelia and asked to kiss her sweet pussy, would she let me? So far away from reality I know but would she? Do you wonder if Shelia is at her desk waiting for someone to lick inside her? Oh! you never been with a woman but would you? If Shelia spread in front of you right now would you taste her?


‘Natalie don’t turn from me, you pleaded with me to be here.’

Lorina put her hand on Natalie’s shoulder as they both stood by the bed.

‘It’s my first time, I won’t be any good to you I’m just a boring wife married to a man who has forgotten about me.’

Tears caressed Natalie’s rosy cheeks as Lorina lured her into an affectionate hug. Sweet vanilla decorated Natalie’s neck as Lorina went in for a tender kiss.

‘What about Tom? He could be here any second. “Natalie whispered as Lorina pressed more wet kisses into her neck.

Pulling away from her, Lorina stood there with a smart grin tracing over every inch of Natalie’s body. Fascinated by her aesthetic Lorina took Natalie by the hand then led her to the bed.

‘I can’t do this, I never had a woman… ‘

Lorina put a finger to her lips as she laid on top of Natalie pressing her curvy body into the bed. Smiling at Natalie’s scared pouty lips she kissed her gently as she rubbed Natalie’s hard nipples. Moving among the silk sheets, Lorina spread Natalie’s thighs then rubbed her pussy. Seduced by Lorina, Natalie let out a moan as her pussy pulsated for more.

‘Your pussy is what fulfils my dreams with lust. As my fingers touch something so forbidden, I yearn to taste every part of you so never turn from me again Natalie.’

Eyes closed, Natalie felt her pussy throb as Lorina made gentle strokes with her tongue. Penetrating deeper, she sucked slowly on Natalie’s clit making her grab Lorina’s head. Moans became louder as she gave Natalie the ultimate high sending her body into a submission unknown. In their own world of passion, they hadn’t noticed Natalie’s husband standing by the door. As footsteps became apparent Natalie backed away from Lorina quickly as Tom looked at them anxiously.

‘Tom the money is in the bag by the door take it, remember you don’t want her anymore.’

Lorina slid Natalie back into her space, spread her thighs once again while Tom grabbed the bag of money.