Get to the point-short stories

Do I have to take you down a rabbit hole just to fuck? I want to cum with you, so don’t waste time. If I was sitting on your cock right now, I would squeeze you with my wet lips. Then apologize for this naughty ride. I’m not like her, so don’t twist my fantasy. Look into my eyes when you fuck me. Don’t waste that cum, put it in my mouth. Strap me to the bed and then say bad girl, cum for me. I will do so many things for you. Get me there, I’m yours always.

King of Hearts

King Wilton, wipes the juice of sweet pussy from his lips as Lord Dillman came into the room.

“My King, would you care for another young lady tonight?” Dillman stood by chamber door wondering if he should excuse himself.

“No I have had plenty pussy for the night but tell me the good news.” King Wilton fastened his robe then sat in a golden chair. Awaiting the news, he gave Lord Dillman a nod.

“Of course my King, today you saved one thousand children from a raging river.