Tight Rope

A grey cloud took away his smile like a gangsta in a movie. I remained calm while sitting on the cold metal chair. He leaned in slightly, revealing dark green eyes with a spit of brown. Unusual in his beauty, I found warmth in his cold demeanor. His questioning tore at my soul yet I wanted more. A tug of war played out as I kept tugging at the rope around my wrists. Loose enough to get away, I sat there like a criminal taking in his powerful words. Then at a crucial point we became silent. He watched my lips tremble as I watched him take a slow drag off the cigar. Breasts emerging from a tight shirt, longed for his touch. Then he said, “You are free to go Miss.”

Blue Lights

Rich in old diamonds, the both of us remained silent in the back seat. A cold breeze gave chills to warm vanilla scented skin. Then as quick as this escapade began the car door opened. Our blindfolds removed, we stared at three cops with hard dicks. The darkness made each face a blur but we were excited. Handcuffed like bad devils, they filled our mouth with their energy. On the hood to the back seat they all took a turn. Then as the moment passed a sheriff showed up. He made his sons scatter like rats then removed our handcuffs. A simple nod, gave us permission to show loyalty. I rubbed his cock while my boss sat on his face. Her pussy juices made him moan as his cock stiffened. Then we became drunk in cum as he pulled out the handcuffs. Back into the police car we became unseen once again.