Punish Me

Whips turn what we have very bad. You count and I breathe in sync. Then I choose the black one with a pink fringe. You tag my ass slow then pause. I escape yet come back to our fantasy as the whip tags me again. Spread my cheeks and hit me hard. I want to feel that dark leather badly. Take me far from my reality, spanking me as I deserve it. Safeword? No there is none of that, I already know you are my protector. Grab me by the neck, show me what a king can do.

Blouse: Teacher Fetish

“She can do what no one else can.”

The color matters because it reminds me of a teacher. Demanding yet pleases the mind with structure. Neatly it rests in a tight skirt or a pant. However, my eyes go to one place as an assistant talks about a busy day. Carefully drawn into each hole the buttons become like glue. I watch as each movement causes anxiety and my mind to wonder. Unable to deal with the pressure, I watch the buttons explode. Now a division of lust captures my mind causing weakness in my lips. Playfully I wonder about the shape and how my tongue would react. As I fight hard against arousal, she suddenly buttons her blouse then asks me if I’m okay.

First Day

I performed, just like he told me. On my knees blindfolded, I sucked his cock. Both hands on his cock, I stroked him gently while everyone in the office watched. Wet pussy could flood the office in minutes while watching me. Hard rubs to erect cocks kept the room in harmony. In the best kind of way, I’m glad I took the job. Giving my boss a raise, is the perfect way to start my day.