Confession: 170

Never loved him, just let him twist me into new ideas. Soft steps through the kitchen turned him into a beast. Arms around my waist, he put me on the cold stove. Fucking me slow, I called out his name. Unsure of love he hit the spot. His cock became coated in my insecurities. Then before life could explode inside me, I pushed him away.

Confession: 169

Tangled in a web of lies, we loved the torture. Always fucking each other over while kissing under bright stars. I loved him but there was nothing in return. Then one day I ran from the bad dream, only for him to catch me all over again. I eventually, broke free yet the guilt carried my thoughts. To move on from the sticky situation I let James come over. He promised to give me all that I wanted with no exchange. Legs spread open, James kissed inside my wet lips as if he had something to prove. He sucked and licked all the guilt away as I began to feel my self again. As the sun peeked through my window, I smiled knowing that rain washes away any web.

Confession: 168

I bent over then grabbed the sheets as I felt his tongue inside my fat ass. In love, sometimes we last too long then it becomes meant to be. Our showers together begin with laughs then as bubbles form we become close. Wrapped inside one another we make the most out of every minute as we fuck against the shower wall. On lazy days we stare at the clock then knock it off the table like kids. Smiles give a rainbow of expressions as pillows fly in the air like large confetti. Then the clock turns at a point where neither one of us want to leave but we can’t escape reality.  One last kiss on my clit sets him a blaze then he begs me for a ride. I squeeze his cock inside of me not wanting him to go but he has too. Filling my open gate with all his treasure he gives one last kiss. Then I shut the door as he leaves realizing his love is the greatest gift.