Confession: 177

I brought a new sex toy. It’s a textured cock piece. It has a soft tip and vibrates at six different speeds. I used it the other day and I left it at speed dial one. I turned on a porn clip that I had in my favorites. I watched this big beautiful woman ride this guy. Her hips were moving in a slow grind as she thrust himself into her. I moved the speed dial to three, teasing my clit with it. The soft tip of the vibrator saturated my mind with naughty thoughts. I moved the speed dial to five as I watched him unload cum onto her chubby lips. Then as I moved the dial to six my body began to tremble. I fell in love with myself at that moment. I pushed the vibrator deep inside me feeling it twirl with no ending. So juicy wet, I hit a spot unknown to me. Then suddenly I was free and my pussy throbbed with joy. The experience left me grateful. I am so excited for tomorrow night.

Confession: 176

Every week my relationship with him becomes an obstacle. Not far from love, we suffer in silence as our egos play chess. He is a tease, always taunting me with that dick print against his trousers. I watch closely and every time I look he smiles. On occasion I catch him looking at my breasts. I smile also, just to let him know we both want the same thing. Sometimes I purposely wear a sheer black bra which shows perky nipples through a tight white blouse. On those days, I’m greeted with a hello that makes my panties wet with desire. Then we both smile again. In moments by myself, I picture us together on his desk. Me, straddling him then riding his dick till cum oozes inside. It’s going to happen soon I know. However, I’m in no rush, I love playing chess.