Nothing more than a play toy, I wrestle with confusion. Laying naked in a box, I stay perfect as one can be. Afraid of darkness, I try to believe in something surrounding me. Then as I give away to doubt, light comes through. This makes me stand strong and smiling. Pussy thirsty, as it feels his tongue fucking it all night I wait. Then as I feel him reach for me, I sense hesitation. Now my smile draws downward and I slump heavy to the floor. The light is gone and I’m back to darkness.

Confession: 194 [Sex Confession]

Lately I have been keeping his secret close to my heart. He admires me without saying words. As he prepares to serve me like a queen, he tells childhood stories filled with exciting adventures. I sit listening as he cuts big bright tomatoes, peppers, and ginger. His smile widens as he pours a glass of wine just for me. As his masterpiece becomes art, I take a bite.

Every flavor takes me somewhere different. Then I nod in approval as he asks if I want chocolate chip cookies for desert. Carefully I fall in love with his tall frame and beautiful eyes. Aesthetically exotic he carries me away nightly in my dreams. Then as stars fill our space I remember he is just my friend, so I tuck away wet dreams then go home once again.