My decision to go to school was not entirely my own. College applications littered the kitchen table every time I would sit to eat breakfast. The same lecture penetrated my ears but nothing could get to me. After the argument about who would pay, I decided to get my grades up and gather as many scholarships as I could. Soon the effort paid off and I was able to go a college of my own choosing. My parents argued about my choice but I realized that it was my own adventure and they couldn’t do anything about it. The journey seemed easy as I already had a roommate and classes that peaked my interest in so many ways. One class in particular was computer science. The first day in class, we were assigned a twelve page paper and we had to create a game in JavaScript in two weeks. The stress was unbearable but exciting at the same time.

Two weeks had passed and it was time to turn in my paper and project to Professor Fera. A weird exchange formulated as I gave him my paper to grade. An eyebrow raise as he looked intensely at me then took the paper from my hands. The next day class went on as usual then we were dismissed. I started to grab my things when the Professor called me to the front to talk about my paper. He told me to have a seat on his desk because he wanted to talk to me about the paper I wrote. Although I had seen him everyday for two weeks I didn’t realize how blue his eyes were behind his circle lenses. He paced in front of me for a moment then gently ran his fingers through his dark curly hair. “Tabitha, your paper is decent but it lacks some significant understanding about coding.” He stood for a second looking through me as if my response should appear magically.

Then suddenly he stood right in front of me as my legs dangled from his desk. His lips became moist as he kept questioning me about the paper. My fat bottom began to warm his desk and I could feel my pussy swell up with juice. His intensity set my body ablaze and I wanted him to do something to me. “Tabitha are you listening to me?” he moved his glasses down to the edge of his nose focusing on my thighs. I snapped back into focus and told him yes I am listening. Standing, he leaned in close to me and stood in between my thighs. “Tabitha your paper needs some fixing but I can help you if you want me to?” he laid the paper down next to my thigh and gripped them with both his hands. Massaging my thighs he leaned closer to my ear whispering,”Do you want to be my best student?” as his two fingers pushed inside me in and out. I started to moan, but he put his hands to my lips to quiet my desire. The pulsating of my pussy reached a higher level as his fat cock begin to push against his pants. I asked him could I suck it and thats when he said,”One lesson at a time Tabitha.” he stopped fingering my wet pussy and told me to turn around. I was so high off his words that I turned and bent over on his desk. As my heart raced I imagined his fat cock deep in my anal. I wanted him to fill my hole so bad that I had already created the scene in my mind. The Professor spread my fat bottom and licked me all inside. His tongue put me over the edge and I felt as if I wanted to cum so badly but thats when he stopped, smacked my ass and said, “Tabitha join me and my wife for dinner tonight I love to share.”

How could you…..

“Dude she is so fucking fat, how could you even do it?”

Easy, I spread both of her large cheeks and place my face deep inside licking up and down while rubbing inside her parted lips with my fingers. 

“That’s how I did it”

“Man that pussy probably so big , drowning won’t be an option ”
“Yea her pussy is big and wet, it was like dipping my cock into a big juicy orange” 
“So you gonna fuck this chick again?

“Yea, fuck , make love, and play every night because now she my girlfriend.” 

New Experience

I wonder how it’s going to be, for the first time. I never done something like this before but yet I feel excited about the experience. A pony tail, will do for this occasion and my black lace shirt with matching skirt. Should I put perfume or not? Maybe just a little at my neck, vanilla is never a bad thing. My closet is so full of shoes, I should probably wear flats because they are easy to take off but its night time and heels are extra sexy. This red lipstick is my favorite color but the last time I wore it was with Jarl, the Italian from New York. We went to a play and fucked all night in the back of his Lexus. That night in the middle of us tussling inside his car, he asked me have I done that before. I said no, he smiled and said maybe next time. After that night I thought about it every day and looked online to watch people do it. Sitting at my desk at work, watching little clips made me so wet and aroused. At night I would lay in my bed tossing and turning then eventually massaging my wet pussy lips. I would often think about calling Jarl, but I knew I wasn’t ready for him. Tonight is something so different for me and well I have prepared myself. Oh, I hear his car pulling up outside to pick me up for the movie. I guess I should wear my mid length black sweater in case it gets cold.

We arrive at the movie theater, and surprisingly there is only a few people inside. He directs me to my seat and asks to take my sweater, I smile and say, “no thank you.” As he walks away briefly to get popcorn I get a hint of pleasure from his cologne. Swept up in his essence, I quickly imagine him kissing down my neck passionately. “I put butter on the popcorn, hope you don’t mind”, as he nestled into the seat next to me. Since there was nothing to divide us, he pushed me closer to him and embraced me into a sweet hug. Laying close to his chest, an envelope of fragrance delighted my senses and sent me wondering. I don’t know why I kept thinking this is the right time, but the thought never left me. His arm draped behind me, I felt his hands go down into my shirt. He soon began searching for my bouncy chocolate breasts and begin to fondle my hard nipples. “Your nipples are so hard, “he whispered as his fingertips grazed over each nipple. Re positioning myself into my chair, I felt my pussy tingle with anticipation. My emotion soon took over and I began to rub the front of his jeans.

His dick was bursting through almost, raging like a hard bull. “Unzip it baby,” as he moved my hand to his zipper. I felt a little unease because there were people still in the theater with us. Although fear ran through my mind, the walls of my pussy throbbed to be touched. After I unzipped his pants, his dick popped out like a piece of candy that had been swelled by Carmel. Looking into his eyes, he took my lips into his and began to massage my tongue slowly. “Baby lift your skirt a little,” as I pulled my skirt up, he grabbed me by the waist then put me on his lap. “Are you ready for me baby?” leaning my head back onto his shoulder I whispered, “yes.” He then slowly pushed his hard dick, into my anal and placed his hand on my mouth. I had never felt such pleasure as he entered inside of me as he helped move my body up and down on his dick. As I become more comfortable riding his dick, he playfully rubs my clit faster and faster. Feeling so many emotions, he lets out a soft moan into my ear, “Fuck this dick baby, “as I grind on his dick as he pounds my ass. “I knew you were ready, pussy so wet baby, “as he continued to rub my clit faster. Enjoying the moment, I didn’t care who was watching us, I just wanted this dick all inside me.

The lights cut on, “Hey what are you guys doing down there?” and quickly he responded “enjoying the show man.”