This is how you kiss me….

Come so close there there is nothing to hide

Press your lips up against mine

Let me take the bottom of yours

While you suck on the top of mine

Now hug my lips with yours, and take your time

Lick inside my sweet spot

and never stop….

The Short Play: Kitchen Table

This is my idea of role play, please use at your convenience



Billy walks into the kitchen where Claire is standing cutting strawberries for breakfast in her gray shorts and black lace tank. 


Billy: So do you want pancakes with sausage or pancakes with bacon?

Claire: Why not both?

Billy smiles at Claire then walks over to where she is cutting strawberries and places a slice in his mouth. There eyes meet for a second and then Billy positions his self behind Claire. Reaching into her shorts he massages her pussy lips from the back. Then he removes his hand and tastes his fingers as Claire turns around to face him. 

Billy: So sweet you are even better then these strawberries

                                    (Looks at Claire with a grin)

Claire: Well if I am so sweet then you must come and get more

                                    (Grinds her ass into him as they stand at the counter)

Billy then pulls off her shorts with his mouth and lets them fall to the floor. Then he takes her hand puts her by the kitchen table. Bending her over the table he spreads her big thighs and rubs he wet pussy lips. Her moans encourage him and he places his face in between her big cheeks then licks all inside. 

Claire: Yes more much more

Billy: Yea baby much much more

Bill then moves his face from her cheeks and starts to rub his cock. He then lays Claire on the table fully spreading her legs then pumps his cock deep inside her. His textured cock massages her wet lips and they totally forget about pancakes.