A Tinder Fuck [MF] [Restaurant] [Riding]

Swiping on Tinder, Ethan came across a photo of a woman named Livia Flair. Her profile had two pictures with one of them private. Her name alone made his senses tingle but he had to know more. Scrolling through her profile he seen only one sentence in her bio. He knew this was a woman he had to meet when he read, “I just want to fuck, message me.” The pre- cum in his pants made swiping right… Continue reading A Tinder Fuck [MF] [Restaurant] [Riding]

Anywhere · Livia's Office · [mfm]

Featured Story: The Money -Office Sex Story [mfm]

 Preface: That moment when you are at work, and you feel like rubbing your pussy or cock is the reason I wrote this story. In just a moment of fantasy, I thought about all the men that could please me at that very moment. The boss, who is always fitted in a nice suit to… Continue reading Featured Story: The Money -Office Sex Story [mfm]


The Short Play: Kitchen Table

This is my idea of role play, please use at your convenience   Intro: Billy walks into the kitchen where Claire is standing cutting strawberries for breakfast in her gray shorts and black lace tank.    Billy: So do you want pancakes with sausage or pancakes with bacon? Claire: Why not both? Billy smiles at… Continue reading The Short Play: Kitchen Table