Bed Thoughts

I wonder can we have a quickie before bed?

Does she expect me to eat her pussy now at midnight?

If you are still wondering about the answers to these of nail biting questions then keep reading.


My Willie

My wife Karen has been rather a challenge here lately.  She only wants to have sex on Tuesdays which is quite a bother. I work late on Tuesdays and by the time I get home she is buttoned up in the sheets. I don’t know why I even bother but I just would like to get my pole sucked before bed. Is it really such a horrible thing to please your husband before he sleeps? Look at her, sleeping like a baby I dare not wake her however I am so hard. Some nights I have pondered the thought of tapping my willie on her lips and hoping she coughs then takes in my fat cock. I guess I will just turn over and go to bed with my cock looking up to the sky. Maybe I should…….

I guess it’s not worth getting hit in the head for.