Throbbing [MFM]

Bent over in the chair, Kirk my new boyfriend was licking inside my ass while Damon flicked his tongue at my nipple. This pleasure house of fun, only came about because we were bored. Instead of taking a walk or doing something useful with our time I let the twins do what they want except fuck me. My pussy felt like an amusement park open for fun as the twins took turns. Each… Continue reading Throbbing [MFM]

Encounters · Livia's Office

My Boss and the Faculty [MMFM] [Oral]

It’s deadline day, and nothing is done at work. I’m so behind on my returns I can’t think straight. I want to quit, but the money is too good. Late nights turn into early mornings as we all scramble to get coffee. On those days we operate like a circus but nobody ever quits. Our boss peeks through his office blinds to make sure we are working. Occasionally he will come out of his stuffy office… Continue reading My Boss and the Faculty [MMFM] [Oral]


The Vow

The brokerage firm pays me a lot which is why I’m sitting in this fancy restaurant right now. Crissy my wife is supposed to be here by now but she is probably at work still fucking Melvin her new boss. I’m not mad or upset because I’ve had my share of fucks too but tonight is our wedding anniversary. However, I thought she would at least show up on time for our special occasion. She is… Continue reading The Vow