Confession: 203

An intrusion on my part which gave life to his moans. He grabbed the sheets as if my name was Big Dick Daddy. Pushing back on me I felt a warm feeling on my face. My naughty pursuit made his head turn to see if it was really me. Moving slowly I parted my way while stroking his dick. Veins bulging, I wanted more for him in that moment. Easing back off the stroke, I gave a deep kiss as the pillow saved the best of him.

Confession: 202

I left him with with pieces of me inside his lips. Cradled like a baby he cried for me then I let go. A new day and I found something very real. Ass bent over I gave him the best part of me with no regret. Then sweet drops laced my lips as I swallowed the best part of him. Now we are something unique not special at all. I silence all desire with my pussy on his face. Then he held me close telling me words that I’ll never forget.