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This is a weekly audio confession that gives you insight into the ups and downs of being single.


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Confession : 218

He does nothing new for me. I asked him to stick his cock to the back of my throat and he said no. I asked him to fuck my anal like a punishment, he said no. I asked him to suck my nipples until their numb and he said no. He won’t say yes, I… Continue reading Confession : 218

Confession: 217

Sometimes when you are in doubt of a current situation you reach back to the past. There was something special about being in your presence. You would do anything to keep my attention. Laughing until we couldn’t breathe every weekend. Laying be side each other but never touching. Sitting in each other presence, admiring each… Continue reading Confession: 217

Confession : 216

It’s particularly difficult to get over a first love. Love takes a lot of your strength and energy. The bonds between your kisses are strong. You want more because every touch has meaning. To make you feel their love, the first love would stop at nothing to make you happy. Neck-kissing declarations of love are… Continue reading Confession : 216

Confession: 215

I’m just asking for what every women wants. A simple kiss to the neck. The slight pull of my hair. Kisses between my thighs. My red lipstick staining your lips. Promises you can keep them, I’m to tall for that. I just want what most women can’t have.


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