A Memorable Fuck

Julian sat on the bench on starlet avenue waiting for his next trick. No formal address, working as an escort in Las Vegas for the past two years. Reaching to get a cig from his pants pocket, he thought about the fuck he had last night. The school teacher with bouncy breasts paid him five thousand dollars to fuck her anal and spray cum on her face. Last night, made him reconsider the idea of quitting. The money paid for everything he could ever want because working in an office cramped his style. Waiting patiently, a black sedan pulled into his view. The hook-up came from the back page and from the looks of her picture she needed a good fuck. Dabbing the cig on the bottom of his shoe, he got up and approached the vehicle smiling childishly. A foot from the passenger door, it opened revealing an attractive blonde with huge tits and a curvy frame. In awe of her aesthetic, he explored the cell to appreciate the picture again. She looked different from what he has seen previously which made him tilt his head in wonder.

“Your name is?” Julian said while leaning against the car.

“I’m Diana the CEO of Rosenlock Cosmetics.” She said while rubbing her breasts examining his eyes.

“So, what did a woman like you want to do with a guy like me tonight?” Julian said moving in close to her neck to lay one kiss. Read more