Birthday Girl

Fan Submission
©2018 Livia Flair

~~~ Introduction ~~~

For the past years of our relation, my soulmate and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading erotic stories. I often enjoy the Group Sex stories while she is more drawn to sex in office and Exhibitionist kind of stories, but our favorite stories were the playful wives adventures. We’re not much into the cuckold stuff, but we have found some of the hottest, most erotic tales in those stories. Since we have gotten so much pleasure from LFConfessions, I thought it only fair to return the favor and post a story from our adventures. Hopefully, someone will find these events entertaining.

My partner and I love to surprise each other. Sometimes it’s with material things. She’ll get me tickets to a sporting event or I’ll get her a trip to the day spa, sometimes it’s by one of us giving a significant orgasm treat. Well we’ve been together for almost seven years now, so we’ve pretty much tried everything we’re comfortable with in sex and we know what each other likes. Beyond that we also are quite aware of those “chart toppers. “You know, those things that when you do they put your partner over the edge every time.

With that as background, last week was her 40’s birthday. It was on a Friday, so unfortunately, I had to work. Luckily, the day wasn’t too busy, so I knew I’d be able to somehow muddle through. We set it up that I visit her apartment that evening for a nice Birthday dinner. The following is true, and I have not embellished it in any way.


~~ Endless Affection ~~

Jim was kind of late, his mind was storming in a hurry every detail of his plan to make-up a nice Birthday surprise for Elissa. Didn’t bother knocking the door, he used his key to find Elissa standing by the window yet he started to wonder whether she is searching for her lover or maybe she is contemplating over her next journey in life after being 40.

Elissa is a gorgeous 5.6ft light brown-skinned black woman with long hair and a sexy chubby body. Her most distinguishing features were her ever-present smile, and her perfectly shaped big boobs that mesmerize everyone sees them, Jim likes to call them his “Candy Cotton. “While Jim is an Caucasian who stands five feet nine with a wide chest yet with a battle-hardened look. His most distinguishing feature is his deep hypnotic voice. That evening Elissa had on a low-cut pink top that exposed her curvy waist and white short skirt. She baked chocolate cupcakes for the event, and they smelled so good!

Quietly had he put down the gifts into the bed room, then came back looking at Elissa whom hasn’t realized his presence till now? Approaching her from the back, he holds her left arm softly as he leaned toward her and laid a tender kiss on the back of her neck. Elissa was about to spin her head before her soul recognized those warm lips, instead she softly moaned. The feeling of his warm exhales through her hair had passed tingling to all her body, she slowly turned to him with a smile.

“Every time you kiss me like this, my pussy starts to shiver,” Elissa said, gazing at Jim’s passionate eyes.

Jim showed a bucket of roses his right hand was hiding behind him, it was red and white roses, just the. way Elissa loves “Happy Birthday, babe! “Jim said in deep voice, as he kissed her forehead.

“Thanks, honey, I appreciate that,” Elissa replied.
“So how young are you now?” Jim smiles.
“I’m 40-year-young,” she laughed.
“You never age, always looked like a fresh girl in college.”
“I know; I make 40 looks like the new 17, ” Elissa laughs innocently.
“Well… My 17 princesses, come with me then, I’ve got some gifts for you” as he grabbed her hand to go to the bedroom.

Fully aware of Elissa love for fashion and how picky when it comes to what she wears, he sneaked to her computer a week earlier, and from her browsing history he got some good ideas of what to order.

Elissa’s birthday gifts were black see-through lacy dress and thong, jeweled pair of Lolita heels, and carefully selected homemade African beads jewelry set. She opened the packages and then smiled at Jim. “Put them on, babe,” he said as he brushed the red tissue paper off the bed. She admired herself at the mirror after putting on her Birthday gifts, then gave Jim a loving hug. Jim was so happy that his gifts delighted Elissa “Come on dress! oh babe, you’re so charming “Jim said joyfully, then like a pervert he sniffed his babe’s neck while smelling her sweet perfume. Now come with me. I want to show you something” Jim took her to the apartment door.

Elissa suddenly stopped hesitated “Where we are going, hun?”
“Trust me babe, and don’t worry” Jim replied in deep tone.
Jim leads her through the corridor then to the elevator, inside the elevator they exchanged wet kisses as she giggled about this unexpected adventure, before she found herself on the building roof and a man inside a helicopter waiving to them. They moved two steps toward the helicopter before Elissa stopped him with hesitation.

“hold, what crazy shit we about to do now? “she said laughing.
“As you see, darling, we are going have some trip and come back,” Jim replied smiling.
“And what about those?” she pointed at her both hands to the holy candy cottons barely covered by the lace, as she could see the pilot can’t get his eyes off them.
Jim gently holds her face and in a calming tone says, “No worries, we’re together ok?” Then he kissed her lips passionately while urging her to hurry.  “Now let’s go, babe, before it gets late.”
Jim jumped into the helicopter while stretching his hand for hers. Elissa paused for a second then accepted his assistance “Damn it, Jim, you’re crazy, we’re too old for this.”

As the helicopter flied east, the sky was clear and for courtesy of Elissa Birthday, that night was just mildly cold but so refreshing. Elissa decided to sit on Jim’s lap and enjoy watching the scenery of New York from this exceptional view “Oh it’s Hudson River, wow. (then raising her voice) So Jim, what we’re up to next?”. He shouted back excited “We going to have a trip honey over Manhattan. isn’t it amazing? “then he put his jacket on her shoulders and wrapped her with his arms as they gazed into the horizon. His fragile resistance though didn’t last long, he always loved to squeeze his soulmate body and feels her tight. Feeling his bulge under her bare fat bottom getting harder, Elissa smiled and started to adjust herself letting her deep crack swallow Jim’s bulge inside her, as she covered her breast with his warm hands. Jim was triggered by Elissa’s affection, he began to shower her neck with hot kisses blended with wanting groans, before she reached his lips and sucked them earnestly. They both got lost in an endless affection.

~~ Preparing for Landing ~~

Elissa didn’t have the least expectation for her flight trip to go beyond that, all she could imagine is a round flight over Manhattan, then fly back to Union City. But after the Heli had passed Pelham Bay Park and started to fly downwards, her female intuitions started to sense the undercover trip was not that simple, which lead to the shortcoming drama. Luckily for Jim she is smart open minded and trusts him.

“Preparing for landing, Guys!” said the pilot. Elissa could perceive she is in City Island though never visited before, looking at Jim’s excited face, she decided to remain silent till she finds what was next. After landing, Elissa could view now the beach and a dark yacht awaits in front of them. “Two hours as agreed” Jim told the pilot then jumped off the Heli and stretched his arms to pick up his beloved. Clung on Jim’s left arm they both went straight to the yacht, then Jim guided her upstairs. As soon they reached the roofs the whole yacht was illuminated by cheerful celebration lights. the front of the roof there were four men standing on a mini stage; a DJ and three athletic male models playing on guitars and wearing night club customs. The first model was Italian looking with dark eyes, tied straight hair and wore a leather chest harness and tight tiger boxer, the second looked German with blue eyes, blonde and wore black leather vest and sheer heart boxer, while the third was African Hispanic with green eyes, shaggy hair and wore Wild Man Zebra Print outfit ending with black lingerie thong. The band greeted Elissa with a special Birthday song with Elissa’s name. Jim joined the group singing for Elissa.

By the end of the song all cheered her with applause and the DJ wished her long prosperous life, Elissa thanked them and took Jim aside: “the yacht is amazing hun, you really didn’t have to. but what the party theme is about?” she was looking to his eyes for an answer.

“Soo. would you like to watch a movie?” Jim insinuated as he winked to her **That was a quote from the threesome story they’d read the other day at LFConfessions**
“Ah…Yes… No… Are you really…” Elissa didn’t know what to say.

Jim was surprised to see Elissa so bewildered and asked her if everything was okay. Elissa looked so lost! while she tries to grasp, she was also hearing sea waves crushing enormously, that made her start to sweat and shiver. To save the situation Jim hugged her tight, his eyes blurred as he emotionally said, “Hey sweetheart, I just want you to be happy tonight, it’s your 40’s birthday, a very remarkable day in your whole life, and I want nothing more than enjoying this special evening with you!”

Elissa could hardly believe her ears! She took a couple of seconds to understand what that meant for her. Those words brought her whole life in flashback. She hugged him so tight as if there was no tomorrow. Jim held her in his arms as she embraced him and kissed each other frantically. Elissa then gazed at his eyes and whispered “I’m ready”. Jim smiled, he seized her waist with one arm while pointing to a side couch “let’s sit there and enjoy, my love”. They sat facing the sea when the yacht started to move slowly as stars filled the sky while soft R & B music played. The whole scene was like a dream. Elissa began to feel so relaxed and really enjoyed this scenery, enhanced by a sensation of pleasure by the chilling sea breeze tickling on her nipples like thousands of delicate lips touching her silky boobs at once, while Jim who went to the bar bringing two bottles of champagne and tequila had sat back laying his arm on the couch back and massaged Elissa’s shoulder, they drank half the Champaign as they shared funny memories of all crazy surprises they planned for each other before. Beginning to sober they started to gaze into the sky before Jim had her hand and laid one of his warm kisses. Elissa holding her champagne glass, still gazing at the view, had responded murmuring ” I never thought my fantasy dreams could come true one day”. Jim laughed ” It’s all yours tonight, birthday girl, you own it! We all here for the queen wishes!”. Elissa glanced at him to make sure it’s real. Jim laughed again so excited, then he started to recall their lustful sexy moments. While listening to his sexy voice, Elissa was enjoying the chilling sea breeze sensations going through her lacy dress, and blowing softly on her bare pussy lips parted by the thong, her va-jay-jay started to throb with an arousing desire.

“So, which one of those dudes you call him sexy, Elissa?” Jim said

“hmm, I admire the blonde guy, he stands very confident right there” Elissa replied as she was touching unconsciously her hardened nipples, they were bursting out her lacy dress like two ripen cherries looking for a man to eat them.

Her daydreams were distracted by the Italian model, named Tony, asking Elissa to join him dancing, Jim nodded to her, she grabbed the tequila bottle and joined him smiling “Now, It’s my night!”

~~ Birthday Girl ~~

As she sucked on the bottle of tequila, she moved in and started grinding her legs between her partner’s in rhythm to the bass of the music, giving him her misty-eyed look as she moved her body against him seductively **Elissa is a dancing queen, this had always been scaring any dude knows her**

Luckily, Tony was a good dancer too, so he took a bold step of coming right up behind her, his hands at her side, and gently easing his bulge against her round plump ass. If she felt uneasy about this, Elissa didn’t show it. She simply kept her eyes locked on Jim, as she dirty danced with Tony. Her dress was riding up that everyone could see most of her juicy ass cheeks jiggled as she twerked. Emboldened by her hot body the guys started to cup her candy cottons as he moved tighter against her, rubbing his bulge deep inside her naked ass. Jim was amazed that she had not change the move by now, he told himself perhaps she wanted to see how far he would let this young dude go before he stops him. But by the fact that this eager young Italian could oddly rub up against Elissa mesmerizing ass, while squeezing her soft breasts, that made his cock stiffen hard in his tight boxer, and Elissa was feeling his rigid pole pushing into her anal as she drunkenly bucked up against it, while the music seemed to grow intense, the actual reality was Elissa enjoying every moment of her seductive dance.

The young dude then slid his hands to Elissa’s hips, lightly holding her from behind as he dipped his own hips, before grinding his pole as deep as he could into her anal. Misinterpreting the situation Jim decided to join the dance. Not long before Elissa found herself sandwiched between them, between two hard cocks. she slid her hands down along Jim’s body then moved up letting his chest feel her screaming nipples, while the young dude moved his hands lower, to part her ass cheeks gently before daring to squeeze them against his pole. Elissa flinched for a second as she gave Jim’s eyes a glance, then she continued dancing between the two. They had not spoken a word, but now Jim knew that it’s Elissa who controls the game here. As the song came to an end, Elissa excused to go the bathroom to do some womanishly stuff, she slipped out from between the them, and secretly glanced a wink to that confident German dude standing on the stage watching her. In a state of trance Tony followed her by his eyes, with a huge grin on his face he said ” what a jiggly! I just want to bang this hottie’s ass so bad ” Stunned but delighted by his comment, Jim replied: “I know, Tony, she’s babelicious”. Jim was feeling so hot too; so, he went down looking for some cigarettes in the yacht cabinet.

Elissa came back looking so fresh and seemed indifferent to Jim’s absence. She was met by the German dude confidently starring at her, so she smiled him back. The German dude, named Eric, didn’t waste the chance, he rushed to Elissa before Tony would approach her. “Hey. You may be slightly older than me and I may be out of your league, but I wish we could just leave this party and go somewhere private. I have a crush on you!” he said in a strong voice. Elissa smiled and grabbed his hand leading him to the end of the roof behind the bar, facing the handrail they began to talk holding each other hands. “I have a crush on you too, you look mature and handsome more than you may think” Elissa whispered him as she anticipates from his firm grip on her hands his deep-seated desire for her.

Jim returned, didn’t bother asking the group about his woman thinking she was still in bathroom. He headed to the bar to get himself a can of beer. Distracted by the DJ playing a song he likes, he grabbed his beer quickly and went to relax on the couch and smoke his cigarette. It was a long day for him. While he was enjoying himself with music, beer, and cigarrete; he heard a fainted moan coming from behind the bar, only now he noticed the absence of the Eric from the stage. “Shit! How in the world this could happen” he exclaimed with a laugh? He then moved quiet and adjacent to the handrail till he could secretly sneak a look of what’s going behind the bar.

By the time Jim entered the scene, Elissa was pinned up against the handrail and Eric was kissing her passionately, eagerly tonguing her mouth. Jim eyes start to dart over their bodies to see how far this had gone … Her legs were slightly apart, her dress hitched up, one of Eric’s legs between her thick thighs, her left breast was flushed out, and Eric’s hand was groping her breast in circles. He returned to their faces and took in the sight as Elissa’s tongue clearly flicked back into his mouth and her glossy chunky lips sucked on his mouth. Jim quickly slipped to the side so they wouldn’t spot him, then he continued to watch. Eric slipped his hand between her thighs and rubbed her thong briefly as they kissed, then swiftly eased his fingers beneath the elastic at the side and invaded her private parts. His fingers first began to touch and explore every inch of her fleshy pussy. **Elissa got plump pussy lips with smooth skin and long slit, her inside is another wonder, her vagina is always warm and creamy. It’s a killer for those unprepared**  The Poor Eric started to groan from ecstasy when his fingers rubbed over the smooth surface, couldn’t resist longer, he slid his middle finger into her hole. She visibly squirmed as it found her hole and slipped easily up inside her warm wet softness. Soon he was fingering her steadily and she was pulling on his stiffness through his boxer. Jim started to breathe deeply watching Elissa getting fingered in front of him. He kept wondering how did this guy get her in this position, and where was it going to end; as for sure she knew he would be looking for her by now. Suddenly, Elissa and Eric stopped abruptly, she whispered something in his ear, and before Jim realize they both were in front of him, face to face. Elissa made a sign that she needs a condom. “This’s not a condom exercise” Jim said impulsively. Elissa said nothing back but passed him heading to the couch, followed by Eric whom gave him a nod as he passed. Jim didn’t know why he had to say that, but he knew for sure that he lost controlling the game for Elissa.

~~ Fantasies Unleashed ~~

 Elissa sat on the couch partly opening her legs, and smiling to Eric’s standing firm in front of her, she blown him a kiss “I’m yours here as I was there” she said seductively. Gaining back his confidence he replied, ” And I want you so bad ”

In a hurry, he grabbed the front of her tiny thong and pulled it down to her thighs. She tried to help, hastily pulling her thong down to her knees, she helped him with his boxers, his rigid white cock spring free. It pointed straight up towards her lips, he grabbed his cock and brushed it across her lips. “later” she said smiling, as she let her thong fall to her ankle and stepped one foot out of them, before placing it back on the ground, then leaned backward to get more comfortable. Eric kissed down her stomach before pushing her thighs furtherly apart, her knees akimbo to her body. With the lightest of touch, he trailed his tongue down her labia. He inhaled deeply, her musky aroma causing his cock to stiffen even harder. Gently, he pinched either side of her pussy lips with his thumbs and forefingers and pulled her open. He dipped his tongue in and felt her hands grip him harder. With her pussy spread, he dipped his tongue from the bottom all the way to the top. He was pleased how great tasted and dipped in deeper. He felt wetness trickle down and moved his tongue in more firmly. Elissa moaned and gripped his head tight. “So nice Eric” He moved his tongue quicker, pushing deeper, then Moving up and down her slit rapidly, before moving from her labia up to flicker her clit. Her hips moved in time with his licks. “Fuck me, Eric. I want you inside me now”. He must have mistaken her intention because he slid a finger into her warm juicy hole. Curling up his finger, he moved it up against her wall as his tongue continued its onslaught. Elissa was about to protest when she felt him rubbing along the top; finding the bump of the g-spot. “Fuck Eric, yeah right there.” Her urgings hardened his cock and he stroked it with his free hand as he continued to fuck Elissa with his finger. Faster his finger moved in and out and his tongue moved repeatedly across her clit.

Jim was determined to stay calm no matter, he wanted to see where this was leading. His cock was dripping with pre-cum in his jeans as he watched on, taking in the details. But his calmness sooner was interrupted by the Hispanic dude, name Bruno, patting on his shoulder. He said ” Amigo, if you’re not going to join them, then I will” Bruno then proceeded to the couple without waiting for an answer. he pulled out his zebra outfit, he was having a monster cock. He grabbed his monster and brushed it across Elissa’s lips. Impressed by the enormous size of Bruno’s cock, she decided to take the challenge, perhaps too curious about its taste. Elissa opened her mouth for him and Bruno slid in. His hand moved from his cock to the back of her head. Her hand cupped his big balls, gently rolling them with her fingers, while bathing his shaft with her running saliva. When she went down anticipating Eric’s touches in her pussy, she felt his fat knob bang against the back of her throat. She forced herself not to gag, realizing Bruno prefer full attention. She slipped his boner out and stroked it with both her hands, then brought her mouth to the head of it, reaching out her tongue as she continued to stroke him, poking and prodding at the slit, then worked her tongue around the helmet of it. Saliva ran down the length of it, lubricated her hands and allowed to squeeze more tightly and still caress him. There was a fire burning between in her pussy, still all attention was on his huge cock.

Suddenly She felt a shift in weight on the couch, and then something warm slapped across her face. Soft hairs tickled her lips. “Suck my balls, suga” Tony ordered. Obediently shifted, opening her mouth and took in one of his testicles into her mouth. She tongued around it, massaging it with her mouth. Languidly, she released it and turned her head to give attention to the other one. Her pussy contracted in ecstatic bliss. Eric pulled his fingers out, he could feel her thighs tremble with the after effect of the climax. Dana held still, her whole body anticipating the moment Eric will push his cock inside her eager pussy. She left Tony’s cock to look down at this Eric’s cock as it prepared to penetrate her. Eric took hold of Elissa by the thighs and pulled her towards him. He pressed his hard cock against her entrance, moistening his cockhead as he moved it slowly up and down her slit. She bit her bottom lip, determined not to beg. As his cock began to ease more readily inside her, he slowly pressed his weight forward. Elissa’s moist pussy opened to readily accept him inside her, as she gasped quickly. Eric finally thrusted until he was buried in her, Elissa screamed out of lust and joy, then paused, allowing her a moment to grow accustomed to his intrusion. Elissa began to grind her hips against him, which Eric knew was his signal to continue as he slowly withdrew his length and pressed back inside her. Slowly, he stroked in an out of her tight cunt as Elissa began to moan in pleasure. He steadily began to pick up his pace as he continued to thrust in and out of her, causing her to start thrashing beneath him. Eric grounded his hips against hers as he thrusted into her. His hands were on her breasts, twisting and pulling her sensitive nipples.

Bruno, hesitated, tried to push back his huge cock into her mouth. Elissa, deeply seduced, let him slid in. perhaps her mouth was missing this huge cock whom didn’t finish his fuck earlier. She devoured his thick meat while she was taking it from Eric, her saliva kept flowing, as the boner kept poking against the muscles of her throat. She never been double fucked before, nor she had such enormous cock in her mouth. “I want to fuck your pussy, babe”. Elissa, couldn’t resist his request, her pussy was so horny and wet, urging her for a big daddy to bang it hard. she nodded to Bruno. He called Eric to shift positions. Eric whom in deep lust tried to ignore, but finally slipped his cock and stood behind the couch, sharing Jim’s feelings watching his Elissa getting fucked by another man. Bruno now in Eric’s position had hanged Elissa’s legs on his shoulders, parting her pussy lips with one hand and adjusting his monster cock with the other. Once his cock found its way to Elissa hole he slammed his hip roughly against her, impaling his boner deeply inside, Elissa screamed a mix of pain and pleasure. Though so wet and not quite tight her pussy was virgin for such a big cock, she felt his pounding is hitting hard against her pussy upper wall, same as he did with her throat, being to this it filled all her vagina. For Eric’s sensual cock, that certainly was different pleasure, it was a real fuck that’s too real and painful. Bruno crossed her arms and held them still, as he rammed hard against every wall inside her pussy. Elissa moaned loud with every thrust, she was feeling so satisfied that even her soul was feeling the fuck.

While Bruno kept fucking Elissa hard, she looked up and found Jim watching as he drags ferociously from his cigarette, but his face was unreadable. Elissa felt herself heat from blushing, she called his name to join the gangbang. Poor Elissa she forgot Bruno don’t like a partner. He began slamming his hips forwards into hers, smashing their flesh together. Then his hands ran across her chest, cupping her breasts. He leaned down and hungrily took in her left breasts. His lips bit the nipple before he travelled around and under her breast. Elissa, forgot about Jim, now howling in ecstasy as she gripped his forearms in her vise-like grip, pulling herself towards him with each thrust. Bruno began to change his thrusts, angling his cock upwards to pressure more against her sensitive G-spot as his hand applied pressure atop her pubic bone, stimulating the sensitive flesh from the opposite direction. Elissa suddenly cried out in a shrill scream. She pushed away from Bruno as she rolled over onto her side, panting and groaning hoarsely. Everyone understood that she gave her gave her cream pie to Bruno.

After Elissa’s satisfactory fuck, she decided to compensate her favorite lover with a mind-blowing blowjob. Still standing behind the couch, she turned over facing Eric as she leaned against the couch back with her big ass in the air facing everybody else. Eric was so turned on, pre-cum freely leaked down, wetting her hand. She circled the wet tip of Eric’s cock around each nipple, till dried out, then rested it on the back of the couch and squeezed his cock between her boobs, letting Eric fuck them as she sucks on the tip. After that, she angled her head and sucked hard as he moved in and out. Every so often, his soft head hit the back of her throat, she forced herself not to gag and sucked harder. Normally, she didn’t look up when going down on a cock, but this time she kept her gaze into Eric’s, her eyes were sparkling, as she moved up and down. With a soft pop, she moved off his cock. Her tongue worked up one side, twirled around his head, before going down the other side. Her mouth sucked him hard. She began to tug gently on his balls. He started to tense, riding the ecstasy. She must have felt his impending orgasm because she moved up and down faster, sucking harder. He didn’t want it to end, but couldn’t hold back.

During Elissa special foreplay for Eric, Tony had come up behind her, not touching, but she could feel his hot breath on her brownish ass cheeks. Finally, she felt his hands grip her ass. Slowly, they were pulled apart and his tongue touch the crack of her ass. It slid down the valley. As it neared her rosebud, Tony’s tongue danced around it. The tongue tentatively touched her asshole. It pressed hesitated then pushed in deeper before sliding back out. It moved around her tight opening, making a firm circle. The wet sensations sent tingled connections from her ass to pussy. “Stick a finger into my pussy baby” Elissa told Tony without looking. Tony began to rub her plump pussy in circles, before plunging his fingers in and out of her pussy. Each push hitting her g-spot had electrified had body. Deep within her, Elissa could feel a new intense pleasure begin to build between her sucking on Eric’s delicious cock and Tony fingering her pussy.

Tony felt owning Elissa’s rear, he pushed more fingers inside her wet pussy, fisting her deep, before he began to spank her big ass.

“I love the shape of your booties”
“I love how it jiggles.”
“I love how it looks up in the air like that.”
Elissa moaned and raised her ass higher.
“So Good!”
Suddenly, Tony’s hand left her pussy.
“Birthday girl, no cumming yet.”
“Awesome! Cuz I didn’t even start”

To her surprise, Elissa felt the helmet of Tony’s cock penetrating her anal blossom, not shortly before his meat filling her anal. She was so wet, it was easy for his cock to enter her to the hilt, but Elissa felt if she looked back now, it would break the spell of her dominance. Tony slowly, gently, worked his cock into her ass, feeling her deep, Elissa realized that her body was unconsciously mimicking the motion. Pushing her ass back to meet each drill, as she continued to open mouth for the white cock in front of her. In a haze of pleasure, Elissa sucked Eric’s cock though he controlled the pace. His hand grasped her hair, dictating a faster and faster pace. Elissa just tried to keep being able to breathe through her nose, and accommodate her body motion between the two men.  Lust, confusion, and excitement all warred within Elissa. Perhaps Eric wanted to cum before the blowjob might come to an end, the hand tightening on Elissa’s hair was the only warning she had before her mouth filled with his cum. Her eyes became wide with shock as she realized he was cumming but the shock was immediately replaced with pure pleasure and animal lust. Instinctively she began to swallow. Eric abandoned her hair as he felt her mouth work to take and swallow his cum. Elissa held his cock sucking, swirling her tongue around, she couldn’t believe how much he came for her! After the fifth or sixth spurt, she merely tried to keep pace, until he softens.

Elissa then gripped Eric’s balls greedily tongue cleaning his knob from last traces of cum, while gasping faintly with every gentle fuck screwing her voluptuous ass. Jim observing his woman in such deep orgasms, having all her holes screwed from a man after a man; made him seriously wanting to intervene, he started to think of a smart way to interrupt without acting either aggressive or ignorant. His thoughts sooner were distracted. For Elissa after depleting Eric’s ballocks; her lust became even more wild. Still holding on Eric’s cock; she kneeled submissively for Tony; furtherly spreading her ass to let his cock fuck deeper inside her. Admiring his boldness, she decided to grant Tony a chance to satisfy his dark fantasies for her, those fantasies obsessing him since their dirty dance. But on one condition; to fuck her till his balls depleted. “Fuck my ass hard, Tony. oh yes. deeper. oh fuck. I want your cream inside. yes. cum in my ass, Tony” she painfully yelled after each thrust by her driller.

~~Goddess of Lust. ~~

Bewildered already by witnessing a stranger cumming into his woman mouth while she swallows eagerly, it became clear for Jim he can’t coexist with such an idea that another stranger is about to cum inside her ass soon, he decided to sit next to Elissa, but she hadn’t notice him as deeply lost to her anal lust. “Daddy wants you, Elissa” Jim said without looking at her. Time stood still for Elissa as those words sank deep in her soul, while still anticipating Tony impaling her ass as hard as he could. Confused, Elissa hesitated and glanced in his direction. She saw he had sat next to her with his hand around his cock, stroking it. “Time to make me happy while you play.” He continued in abstracted voice. Elissa paused to look at Jim, but he didn’t look back, instead his gaze shifted back and forth between Eric and Tony. He then cleared his throat “Maybe it’s time to end this game”. Elissa finally replied with a compassionate smile “and I’m always yours, daddy”. She slipped her ass from Tony’s cock then moved; having Jim’s lap between her sighs, then lined his cock up against her pussy. They considered each other’s eyes as she lowered herself. Jim held her hip and pushed her along his shaft up and down in a slow passionate rhythm as she hugged his neck. His face sank deep into her cleavage, obviously evading her smeared lips. Feeling each other nice and deep, Elissa whispered in his ear “I missed you”.

Tony refused to give up easily, being in climax already, he stood behind Elissa, slightly crouched, before pulling her ass cheeks apart, and thrusted forward so roughly inside her anal. Elissa screamed with pain, she nearly tumbled forward, then scrambled for balance with her crossed arms around Jim’s neck. For a moment she felt overwhelmed as the hurt and pleasure warred within her, but the irresistible idea to be shared in threesome between her man and a stranger, was so intense to dominate over the pain, perhaps that was her ultimate hidden fantasy awaiting to be unleashed. She felt Tony slid out doubting his position, this time Elissa leaned more toward Jim as she bucked her hips up, to show Tony’s faithful cock she still wants him inside her yearning ass to finish their earlier fuck. Emboldened by her gesture, his entire cock rammed into her, even more eager to give all his load to her.  It’s clear for Jim now his stubborn rival determination to cum inside his woman, he started to swiftly swing his pelvis giving Elissa’s wet pussy hard thrusts, while sucking deep into her left nipple. Meeting the challenge; Tony clutched her hips and grinded in circles her plump ass letting Elissa feel his rigid cock so deep inside her, while biting her neck lustfully with his lips. When their eyes met Tony agreed to Jim body language suggestions to better enjoy the fuck rather than compete, their challenge shifted from whom could cum first into a momentum of two cocks enjoyed fucking Elissa in a rhythm, one after another, giving her a pleasure after a pleasure. A new sensation of ecstasy and pain started to build, sending goose bumps rippling across Elissa body, with each push, each thrust, each pounding. She became a veritable goddess of lust.

Every Inch of Elissa was getting touched and seduced, Jim was devouring her left breast, caressing her curves as he pounds up into her pussy, and each pounding is followed by a deep drill into her ass by Tony whom is squeezing her right breast, embracing left arm as he licked and sucked his way along the side of her neck. Between both men she was dancing like a serpent, riding on both their cocks, swinging to meet every thrust, and anticipating their blanketing bodies, getting tighter as the fuck went on, squeezing her more. By fact this was her first time to be double screwed, has made her groan louder than her sharing men, but as a goddess of lust, a need emerged to fill the void in her mouth. In her desperate search for Jim’s lips, she sighted Bruno and Eric standing at the DJ, the trio were jerking off very aroused by intense of her threesome scene. Seductively she bit her lips and nodded for them to approach. Bruno hurried to be the first, familiar with his monster cock, she opened her mouth with her tongue half out as he gripped her hair then tapping his monster cock alongside her mouth. Elissa then held the other two cocks stroking them, beside the three ones inside her. The veritable goddess of lust is now in her full control and power.

“Elissa? ” Jim slowed his fucking, annoyed by the big balls just about his head.
“Don’t stop!” She clawed at his shoulders with his long nails.

Jim hesitated a moment before plowing into her with renewed energy and passion. She leaned toward his head and kissed him. Her nails dug deep and he responded by slamming into her. His mouth warmed her left nipple now. She clutched at him as he continued to thrust in. She bit his shoulder and he groaned in pleasure.

Bruno gripped her head up with both hands, and banged his monster roughly into her mouth. she felt his fat knob pushing hard against her throat, choking her, but refused to gag, losing herself to these blind sensations surrounding her body. The orgasm ripped through her body from groin to heart, she grabbed Eric’s and the DJ’s cocks joining them to Bruno’s, and sucked their heads together, as she bounced roughly against Jim’s and Tony’s cocks.

By taking five men together to Euphoria, Jim was certain that all those men were going shower they’re cum inside his hot woman soon, including himself. Trying to live with this fact he said” I love you, Elissa, and no matter what fantasy you have, I will fulfill them all.”

For his good merits, a chopping sound started to get louder and as it came closer, Jim felt sudden relief, he raised his head and looked at Elissa’s face for first time “I really love you, babe. but it’s time to go”. He stood up immediately lifting her up with him, then moved carrying her toward the stairs as quickly as he could, as if he is abducting her from the gang. Elissa wrapped her legs around his waist, wrapped his neck, she blew a kiss to the dazzle the four. Tony grabbed Elissa’s thong from the floor and sniffed it thoroughly “Ci sentiamoOO … Bellissima..Ti penserò ogni momentoOO” he shouted as Elissa and Jim went down stairs.

The Heli pilot was freaked out by the sight of the couple approaching, Elissa is almost nude with her big boobs swinging loose, and Jim only wearing un-buttoned shirt and his stiff shaft hard to miss. “Holy Shit. You guys want me to come later?” he said. “Nope. Just on time bro. You are my life savior. You’re my hero, bro. Please, take us home” Jim replied with a very fresh voice. The pilot already freaked out didn’t say a word, he looked forward and quickly flew up.

A couple of minutes of silence passed, only interrupted by the thumping sound. Elissa broke the silence, holding Jim’s hand she said, “Did you have some fun, honey?”

Jim starred at her face for some seconds then focused on her lips before he replied in a siren voice “Not much, but I will, I certainly will, when I have the chocolate cupcakes you prepared for me home”

**Elissa leaned her head on his shoulder as he seized her waist. The helicopter gradually faded into the dawn. **

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