Confession : 219

I’m an imposter. I only dream of sucking three cocks at one time, not sure if I would do it. I see myself always parting her thighs and licking the sweetest spot, however I wouldn’t do it. I want his father to fuck me for hours then squirt old kids into my mouth. It sounds so good but I wouldn’t do it. I want the whole gang to beat up my pussy until the moon disappears but I wouldn’t like it.

Hmm I change my mind…

1 thought on “Confession : 219”

  1. This post is one of the many reasons I love your confessions. You share your wild desires…things so many people feel but are scared to put it out there. Whether you would or wouldn’t doesn’t really matter…that you think it is what I find so erotic. And that you might even do it if the situation was right – sooo hot! 🔥

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