Confession: 197

Our last kiss had me swollen with desire. I grabbed the sheets as I sat up watching him twist his tongue in my wet pussy. Pulling to the edge of the bed, he kept his tongue deep inside me. Then as I looked up into his face that mirrored that of a lover he said, “fuck me.” Secure in everything I am known to be, I climbed on top of his thick cock. The force of his thrust created a firm grip that made him adjust to the bed. As I massaged his cock with my pussy his eyes closed. I took note of his vulnerability and leaned in to lick his lips. Upon opening his eyes he looked into mine then told me I can’t have all of him unless I marry him. I eased back still massaging his cock, smiling. Then I put my pussy on his face and told him, “you can’t have all of me either.”

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