Livia Personal Post 1

At the start of my sexual journey, I knew that I wanted more than the average woman. Kisses and hugs are just fine however I yearned for something deeper. One of the first guys I had sex with was a virgin. He stood tall like a giant but had no idea what to do with me. My touch made him wonder and that kiss onto his dark lips forced him to surrender. One day we lay among old things outdoors while my grandparents stayed sleep in the house. His eyes became big when I took off my shirt, exposing two big round tits. He sat there frozen, so I took it upon myself to show him the way. I put both his hands on my tits and said, “rub them.” He rubbed them softly then he became use to the feel and pushed his face into them. I sat on his lap and I could feel his cock erect poking my panties. We sat there for a moment then I eased back to undo his jeans. His cock sprung out like a surprise, so I moved my panties to the side and put him in the warmest of places. His face glowed and became flushed with a look of enjoyment, yet I hadn’t started the real fun yet. I rotated my hips in a circle, massaging his cock deep inside me. He began to understand my desire and played with my nipples while my pussy swallowed his cock. A powerful hunger took over and he sucked my nipples while I rode him in the moonlight. His strength soon became my victim as I fucked him to sleep. Eventually he got better but that’s another story for another day

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