Quarantine Fantasy

http://Photo by Juanjo Menta from Pexels

I”m lost in the days before me. I wake up to the sun streaming through my window making me aware of life. Like a hero’s cape, I tie my robe then head to the shower. I drizzle soft rose gel onto my body then carefully massage it in . Deep in warm places I take my time, making lips swell with curiosity. In my mind, those familiar lips are there sucking in my pulse like candy. Soap decorates my nipples as they become brand new. Hair tossed in a bun, the rosey soap tries to capture lovely stands. I enjoy this moment as I try to forget what’s beyond my door. The steamy water makes me clean then I step out of the shower. As I wrap my curves into a white towel the phone rings and it’s him looking for candy.

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