Valentine’s Day : A Gift

You know what; I completely forgot it’s Valentine’s Day. I have no flowers and no chocolates to give my girl. I wonder what she got me for Valentines Day this year. My guess is the usual, a hot passionate night of fucking. However, I don’t want that from her this year. Every year we do the same thing and this year I want it to be different. So I am thinking what could I get her besides flowers? Maybe another man? A cuckhold situation would be kind of hot. It sounds great but I know she is way too shy for that. I can barely get her to ride on top of me. Maybe this year I will do something that I never like to do, which is listen. I know that sounds crazy but she tells me stuff and I just brush it off. I really do want to hear what she loves and bothers her sometimes, I’m just too busy. Well today, I have the time, and I really want to know what’s on her mind so I think I will skip the roses and just listen to what my baby has to say. Yea, I think that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Photo by Djurdjina ph.djiz from Pexels

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