Confession: 192 [Sex Confession]

It’s funny how I started writing sexy stories. My exploration into web cam sex is what really led me to this point in my life. I had spent a lot of time, late at night watching strangers jerk off while they look and stare at my big nipples. The very thought of them wanting me gave a boost to my confidence like nothing else. When I would arrive at work each day, I felt empowered and desirable. I even began to change the kind of clothes I wore to reflect how my pussy made me feel. Those men on my screen fueled my fantasy which is why I decided to share all my desires with all of you. The very thought of them jerking off, sent me on a euphoric high. I always thought that in order to feel this way I had to be in a relationship. However I found out that this power has been between my legs the whole time and had nothing to do with being in love. After I would cam with guys, I would lay on my bed in total happiness as I would pleasure myself. Spreading my lips apart then massaging my clit I thought about all the men who would want to tongue fuck my pussy. Orgasms came so easily as my wet lips would rub against each other making my mind explode with excitement. This went on for a while then I stopped only to make you cum with me. Thanks for reading my stories

BBW Sex Stories and Confessions
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