short stories

Medicine is a Monster: 5

“What’s my name?”

“Your name is Sandra.”

“No try again, what’s my name?”

“Daddy is your name.”

“Now bend over for Daddy.”

Since I brought my new toy, I have fucked every bitch in my office. It cost me twenty thousand dollars but it’s worth every penny. The cock piece attaches to my pussy lips. It massages my clit as I fuck. The harder I fuck, the faster it rubs my pussy. It also comes with a small bottle of liquid, which I can dab on my tongue. The taste is like honey but I’m not sweet after the dose. The sweet poison runs through my veins, pushing me to remove all my clothes. I stand naked looking at pretty Vanessa on the bed watching her moan for me. My tongue is wanting a taste of her pussy. Yet my hands want to grip her by the waist slamming her onto my cock piece. However I just stand admiring her body, thinking about all the positions we will do. Then as her body fills with an undeniable desire, I make my move.

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