short stories

Medicine is a Monster: 1

I’m a willing slave to my daddy. After I get off work, he strips me of all my clothes. He puts me in a hot bath and fondles my pussy. Even though I’m a slave, daddy does all the work. He picks me up out the tub then carries me to the bed. I lay there with eyes closed as he dries my pussy with a towel. Tongue fucking my pussy for a moment, daddy stops then rubs baby oil on my skin. At that moment I want to fuck daddy like a good girl but he won’t let me. Instead, daddy shows me his new toy. He straps me down to the wall then puts the big vibrating cock piece into my hungry pussy. Daddy makes me come over and over. Then he puts his erect cock in my mouth then explodes. Daddy takes me down from the wall then kisses my lips. As he straps me into the fuck swing in walks his dad ready to fuck me.

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