short stories

Something New

This guy I knew from along time ago showed up at my job. Not there to see me but he started working as an analyst in the same department. Soon we became reacquainted then he asked to see me after work. I knew where this would go, since our past was nothing more than a sex feast of pleausre. No chaser, we got right to the point and agreed to meet at a hotel. A dark lit room set the scene as we both took off our clothes upon entering. However something came to mind as I watched him lay on the bed with an erect cock. I knew how he tasted yet I became eager for a different kind of adventure.

“Lay on your stomach.” I told him while standing naked by the edge of the bed. He raised a brow then turned over on his belly.

“What is this about?” he asked as I crawled onto the bed, pushing my hands into his firm ass cheeks. 

“You came her to fuck me but I am here to fuck you.” I said as I spread his ass cheeks apart. He clinched up a little then I told him to relax. I put my face in between his cheeks then tongued his anal. 

Strong hands gathered white sheets, as my tongue traced the insides of his anal. Then I paused to gauge his tempature. When I thought it might be over, he spread his cheeks more. So I went right back in.

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