My Baby

Jason loves to touch me. In the movies I sit on Jason’s lap like a good girl grinding on his cock. In the store he holds me from the back then puts his hands under my shirt. No one knows what he is doing but I know. Nipples become his playground as kisses fall upon my neck. Laying in bed, no matter the time he spreads my thighs. Thirsty for satisfaction he tongue kisses my pussy until I cream. I can barely sit at work without thinking of him. Throbbing at my desk I send him a quick text, saying meet me for lunch. No one could love better, this I know for sure. So when I drink his last bit of cum we become one. Then as others dress in jealousy I smile as he licks my ass from the back.

Something About Her

Beyond comparison, you match no one my love. Standing by the balcony, fresh moonlight catches you at the right angle.


I’m just some, unworthy man lost in what is before me. An outlined silhouette, embraces a silk robe that kisses your nipples just so. Begging to be sucked, they sit up neatly hiding by the robes edge. Noticing the thirst between your thighs, I move towards you. Then I surrender this moment to you, in hopes we form something new.