Confession: 183

The van pulled into the parking lot real slow. I adjusted my skirt then massaged my tits back into place. I felt alive and ready for whatever came next. I had thought about him all night and now he was right before my eyes. Exiting the white van, a tall man with a bush of gray hair greeted me with a sweet smile. I moved in close to him as his eyes searched all my beauty. Mature hands brought me into a close hug. He held onto me for a few seconds then began to rub my tits. His touch felt good and I could imagine sitting on his textured cock all night but he had other plans. He opened my blouse then stared at my large dark nipples. Thirsty lips to perky nipples made him suck softly as he held tightly to my waist. Moaning as he tasted every bit of me, I became his teacher. No weary eyes upon us he went under my skirt then gave me the best of him. His moans became my own as we stood entangled in lust. Sweet whispers from his lips on my pussy took me on a high I never felt before. Then as we became something else it started to rain. Nipples kissed by rain drops, brought him back again and then it was over.

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