Confession: 184

The ending hurt more than the beginning. I left his arms as a new hero became all I ever wanted. My pussy never felt this kind of relief as his tongue traveled wet dreams. We both became brand new as our bond tightened. I knew he was the one long ago but my eyes failed to see it. Locked up in bad lustful thoughts, made weird clocks tick forever. I knew better but damage had been done. Now I can rest easy because what I should of had all along is right by my side. (Joe)

My Wife Fucks Black Men

Last year I gave my lovely wife the biggest surprise, a new car.This car had been on her wish list for a while which made the choice easy. However, I wanted to step things up a bit and give her something a little wild. My wife loves to read sexy stories and novels. Often I come home, and she is sitting up in bed, half sleep with a novel resting on her chest. I never read any of the stories but I figure it must be intense. Some nights I have caught her in the bed rubbing her pussy as she reads. It gets me hot just thinking about it, which is why I want to do something special for her birthday. Out of all the stories, she reads this particular one a lot. It’s called.“Ten Ways to Chocolate.” At first I thought it was about candy or something stupid like that but I was way off. When I finally asked about the book, she said it was about getting fucked by some black men. I am not gonna lie, I became a little jealous but then she said,” I would never do that.”I knew that reply was to keep my ego in check but I wanted to know more. The next couple of days I would bring it up just to see how far she would go.

“If you could fuck a black man, how many could you take?” I said to her while sipping on my coffee. She dropped her knife of jelly and looked at me with curious eyes. 

“I told you, I’m uninterested in that.” She continues to slather jelly on her toast while looking at me as if this is all a game. 

“I wouldn’t be mad, if you did it.” She took a bite of her toast then looked off into the distance as if I had miraculously disappeared. 

After breakfast I went to work but I became obsessed with the idea. I was jealous and excited at the same time. I searched online for other couples who at least had similar fantasies. Thats when I became familiar with the term cuckold. The deeper I got into it the more I wanted it to happen. So instead of the usual birthday dinner, I decided to bring my fantasy to life. I didn’t know how to go about this, so I asked my friend Steve. He linked me to a swinger house that had a couple of black married men that said yes immediately to the opportunity. I then set the date for the following Saturday and told my wife to dress up sexy for a dinner date. That week went by so fast and then it was Saturday.

The doorbell rang, as my wife was upstairs getting ready for our dinner date. The guys greeted me and then came into the house. Six black men, tall and athletic sat on the couch as I waited for my wife at the bottom of the stairs. She inquired who was at the door and proceeded to come down the stairs. When my wife reached the bottom of the step, she saw the men rise to their feet. 

“Who are these guys, honey?” She said to me as she stepped into her black heels. 

“Well it’s your birthday, and I wanted to make your fantasy come true.” I reassured her it was okay as she slowly went over to greet the men. She sat on the couch, and they all sat around her as I watched by the entry way. 

One by one they took off their clothes, showing off their massive black cocks. I thought she would be reluctant to advance any move, but I was wrong. My wife took one of the massive black cocks into her mouth. In and out he fucked her mouth as she kept stroking his cock. The contrast of her pale red painted nails against their dark skin, sent me on a high. Two of the men stood watching stroking their cocks while watching the other guy take off her dress. They rubbed her nipples with the tip of their cocks as she sucked one cock after another. Her moans made me hot like fire and I felt rock hard watching so closely. In a doggy style position on the couch, they all made their way inside. One guy was fucking her pink pussy from the back while the other guy was underneath sucking her tits. I started to rub my cock as they fucked all her holes. Her pussy was dripping with cum as one guy exploded inside. The moaning controlled my senses as I pulled out my cock and began stroking faster.In out her pussy one after another, made the whole couch shake. Then one guy picked her up in a bear hug and began eating her cum filled pussy. His tongue massaged her walls as the other guys sucked her tits. While he tongue fucked her pussy, the other guy put his cock down her throat. His cock was so big I could see it went in and out her throat. This made me stroke my cock faster. I knew she was enjoying every bit of it as I watched her ride their cocks making them cum one after another. Then after they all came inside her, she motioned for me to come closer. I went up to her, and she put my cock in her mouth. The feeling of her lips gave me comfort, and I started fucking her mouth. As my cum exploded all over her lips, she licked my cock clean. Then as she pulled me on top of her, I noticed all the men had left.Alone once again she looked at me then said,” I love fucking black men but I love you more.” 

Two weeks went by since her birthday and I am more happy than ever. We eventually joined a swingers club and now my wife can fuck black men on the weekend. Sometimes I have come home and she is fucking one of our swinger buddies on the kitchen counter. I love watching her massive tits getting sucked and pussy pounded by men I know. Since we are all married I don’t worry at all. Now that we have explored that fantasy, I wonder how she feels about fucking other women.