Confession :181

I kept a lot of truth from him. No lies but hunger ate at my soul. The light just right, I sat at the computer willing to be someone else. The camera became my witness as I looked at strangers looking at me. Jerking off at the very sight of my smile, I felt powerful. Soon they became the director.

‘Pinch your nipples baby!’

‘Spread those fat cheeks suga.’

The hunger became the only thing I wanted. Hard nipples attracted many eyes at once. Soon I was the only show on display in a chat room of many. Then this hunger became something I needed in my veins.

I closed the computer and met one of those many eyes. His look didn’t matter as much, I had to satisfy this hunger. I could be with anyone but there is something different about cam watchers. They want you more than life itself. They get drunk ofF your existence.

My car a few feet from his. He gets in and smiles at the sight of me. Pale hands, reach for my tits. His caress is tender as he massages them out my bra. Lips to nipples, he moans loving every bit of me. Legs spread just enough he rubs my pussy. Then I become his director.

‘Eat it baby.’

More happy than a man full of riches. He pushes my panties to the side and sucks on my clit. Soft licks all inside cause me to grab his strong shoulders. The parking lot is full of shoppers as he eats my pussy. This moment was everything to him. Throbbing from the touch of his tongue awakened all my senses.

The surprise came when he had no direction for me. His eyes sparked like diamonds then he exited my car. I felt renewed at that moment. This was the day that changed everything for me. I turned hunger into desire which is how I share all my confessions with you.

Never Stop

In the bedroom, black jeans and no bra.Standing by the door, you stare at my dark curls cascading down my back. Drawn in, you grab a fist full of my hair. Quickly turning around, I face the strength that protects me.I never asked you to love me, just to fuck me. No plan, so you take it easy while gazing into my eyes. Soft kisses to my neck will not do the job.Hand to my chin, we exchange an everlasting kiss. Then we both share a mutual promise as you gently press me against the wall. To love me when I don’t want you to. To protect me when I don’t deserve it. Baby, never stop fucking me.

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