Hiding behind a tall oak tree, I heard Harvey call for me. We were in a quick game of hide n seek before saying good bye. Harvey a detective of sorts, always found me. This time I got ahead of him and hid where he wouldn’t see me. As I tried not to laugh he yells out to me.

‘You are the most beautiful woman I ever seen. Well I wish I could see.’

Harvey’s steps became like music as I heard leaves crushing under his boots. I stayed silent barely moving while listening to him.

‘Yesterday when you sat that beautiful body on my cock, I could only think of one thing. Do you know what that is?’

I wanted to answer but I just remained hidden as I hugged the oak tree. Then suddenly it began to rain and Harvey went silent. I emerged from behind the tree to witness him on one knee.

My heart started to race as I looked into the wooden box. It was a diamond ring with blue sparrows around it. I smiled as he put the ring on my finger. Then I pressed my lips into his then gave my answer.

‘Yesterday while I was sitting on your cock making you cum inside me, I thought about one thing. Who is better at hide n seek?’

He ran his fingers through my curly hair while kissing my forehead.

Looking down at me he said,‘Sweetie I’m the best, I’ll give you a head start. Run’

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