short stories

Cum Again

The gym closes at nine. My dreams start at ten. Laying in my comfort I become a victim of lust. She smiles as I pull my cock from her mouth. Lips saturated in joy, she licks them clean. Then as I reach for her love I wake up, back at the gym. It’s time for the gym to close again.

The loop began six months ago. I started my own company which led to sleepless nights. The gym became my stress reliever. I would workout for hours then go home and sleep. When I hired a secretary, things started to change.

Running a tech company can be complex, I had to stay organized. Hiring Lisa eased all my frustration. She coordinated meetings,events, and trips. Her effort allowed me to sleep better at night. Lisa became an office favorite. At the end of every day, she would ask if I needed anything.

I always replied, “No Lisa but thanks for asking.”

She would give a partial smile then walk out the door. I admired her a lot but I didn’t want to overwhelm her. Lisa would stay into the night helping me flesh out new projects. Her insight gave me new ideas which I appreciated. She did so much for me that I finally asked Lisa, what can I do for her?

That’s when she looked into my eyes and said, “let me serve you for life.”

She smiled and we both laughed. I jokingly replied, “Yes for life.” At the time I didn’t know what that meant but I understand now.

The next day I went to the office, it was a Saturday. Nobody was there so I thought. I opened the door to my office and Lisa was in my chair. She had no clothes on. She stared at me while rubbing her fat nipples. Instantly my cock got rock hard. Lisa stood up then walked over to me while pinching her nipples. She pressed her curvy body against me then rubbed my cock. I didn’t know what to do but that’s when she said, “I’m here to serve you.”

Lisa pulled the collar of my shirt and led me to the desk. She unzipped my jeans and began rubbing my cock again. Her touch felt good as she massaged my cock up and down. Lisa then forced me into the chair. Beautiful large thighs surrounded me as I pushed inside her. The warmth of her tight wet pussy became the elixir to my stress. Her hips moved in rotation coating my thoughts in lust. I became whatever she wanted me to be. We fucked for hours and I didn’t cum. I was impressed that I could hold out that long. Then as I was fucking her from behind she began to cum. Her sultry moans made me fuck harder. Lust took over my body and I felt in sync with her. Then as moans began to fade she turned to me and said, “let me drink.”

She put my cock in her mouth. Immersed in her world, I let go. She kept smiling as my cum ran down her chin. After we fucked I felt even closer to Lisa. Soon after, we began fucking everyday. Before work in my office and at lunch in the bathroom. Lisa became my drug and I felt weak without her. Then one day she walked into a meeting I was having and yelled, “fuck me now!” I became angry at her intrusion and quickly escorted her to my office. We argued for a minute then fucked again.

Every day I fucked Lisa, I felt powerful. She was all that I wanted. We were so intoxicated with each other that I would fuck her anywhere. My cock became so strong and hard I never wanted to stop. Then one day I started fucking the new executive I hired. Lisa found out then quit. So now I’m back at the gym. The gym closes at nine. I go home to dream of Lisa sucking my cock. Then I awaken back at the gym. The gym closes at nine. Then I go home dream of Lisa sucking my cock till I cum. Then I’m back at the gym. The gym closes at nine. Then I go home dreaming of Lisa.

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