Confession: 180

I had thought about keeping this a secret. Back when messaging online was a new toy, I met a guy. I had no idea what he looked like but I loved his conversation. So we decided to meet up and go to the movies. We went to a cinema, where you could drink alcohol and eat. I was impressed by his choice because I never been to a place like that before. He also greeted me with roses which is something I never had before.

The night was over but something about him intrigued me. I asked him what he would like to do. He pointed over to a hotel and then I knew what was on his mind. However I was okay with his offer. I had never had sex with any white man so I saw this as a practice type situation.

The guy was taller and much bigger than me. When we got in the room he laid on his back onto the bed. He took off his shirt and his rolls of fat mounted to the size of a pyramid. I don’t know why but I liked seeing him like that.

I took off my dress then climbed on top of him. His smile made me smile. Although big, I had no idea how huge his cock was. I just sat on top of it and I watched him smile. It felt so good as I sat on him. His chubby hands grabbed my tits and he rubbed my nipples as I kept grinding on his cock. I think he had never had black pussy before because he kept moaning. Then suddenly his load of cum exploded inside me. So when I thought it was over he then told me to sit on his face. He ate my pussy so long that when I came my body trembled and I just kept rubbing my pussy into his face.

After that night we lost touch somehow but I will never forget that night.

May everyone get roses one day like me.

[Confession: 179](

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