Confession: 179

As a person who has been married before, I know that feeling of wanting to be free. Its like being caught in a web and not knowing what to do next. You love this person but at times you feel your needs are being ignored. So its a natural thought to want to be with someone else. However you know the consequences of those actions. In the midst of all those feelings, soon you realize you are right where you should be. Livia

All the fun had come to an end.The bus driver and I were the first to get back on the bus. Decorated travel buses and cars filled the parking lot throughout the amusement park. Our decision to forge ahead of the others became a mutual silent agreement.A little dark outside, I followed behind him as he held my hand. I didn’t know him very well and yet as a stranger he excited me in every way possible. It all started with causal stares throughout the trip.Then we both became emboldened announcing our attraction by causal touches. Nobody seemed to notice which made our moves more frequent. Then as I was throwing pointy darts at wet colorful balloons, as he brushed up against my ass.

“You are really good,” he said leaning into me.Right then I became whatever he wanted me to be.

A couple of seats from the door, I was ready for anything. In a tight black tank top and flowy skirt, he bent me over as I gripped the side of the seat.The bus driver, older than me had an athletic body and numerous tattoos. Long flowing gray hair sat nicely in a ponytail with a few strands kissing his warm toned skin. Skirt siting above my ass, he massaged both cheeks then spread them apart. Thrusting himself inside, he rotated his hips fucking me like a lover. My ass gently slapped against his pelvis as I tightened my grip on the seat. In motion, he undoubtedly wanted every part of me. My pussy so wet that I instantly felt a radiant energy I had never felt before. Wanting to cum so bad all over his big cock, he began fucking me harder.  Swollen inside me, deep strokes electrified my body to its core.Held captive in his world, other people began to get back on the bus. Quickly, I pulled my skirt down moving to the front of the bus with wet cheeks sliding against each other. I laid in an enclave where no one could see me yet across from the bus driver. He smiled at me then said, “next stop.” 

I laid there still wanting him so badly, then I woke up. Legs pressed together tightly I felt an oncoming orgasm like nothing before.Pussy lips sliding against each other, let off an alarm in my body. On the edge of the bed, I laid there realizing my wants were just a dream. Laying next to me, my husband laid there not able to deliver those powerful deep strokes.I cherished him, yet I harboured big regrets that made me swallow my pride. Unknowingly he sensed my discomfort. Hands between my throbbing thighs I felt his lips kissing them.It was like he knew I had to be rescued from this discomfort. Pussy pulsating at an intense level, he parted my thighs.Taking one finger, he gently touched my wet clit. The energy shot through me like dazzling beams of light then I let out a forever, yes! Buried deep between my thighs, he swirled his tongue inside me. Nipples erect in my gown;I rubbed then squeezed them. Deep wet kisses in my pussy, made me come alive then I poured ooey goodness onto his eager lips. It was the most satisfying experience I ever had. No medicine for him, he cured my agony without seeking any desire. I laid there spooned into his comfort as he tenderly kissed the back of my neck. Nestled in love we both went back to sleep to share another dream. 

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