Confession: 178

We fucked so many times he decided that I could only be his. I told him, I love riding his cock. I also love eating his wife pussy but I am not their toy. Last night I found him at my door with his wife. Her nicely round tits sat in a black tank. She quickly grabbed my hand then let me feel her hard nipple. Then as I began to say no, she kissed me then rubbed the backside of my panties. Her husband watched while rubbing his thick cock. I wanted to refuse them but instead I said, “come on in.”

3 thoughts on “Confession: 178”

  1. I am rubbing my thick cock as I read your story and look at your photos. I would love it to be pushing my cock against the backside of your panties, feeling the friction of the material rubbing against the head of my penis. Seeing your lips is so arousing, can you imagine what I am thinking, Livia?

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    1. Wow this a real treat. I love the photo you sent me. Your arousal is the fuel I need for another story. The fan adaption has everyone feeling a little hot and bothered lol. Thank you for all the love, I have read your comments many times. You pick what I should write about next. I love seeing your cock resting by my pic. Mmm very tasty. I could insert you into my thick lips so easy. Now I’m hot, keep reading babe.

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