Fan Adaptation of Confession 178

Wow thanks for everyone enjoying my true confessions and stories this week. Now I have a real treat for you. One of my fans explored my confession like nothing I read before. Please enjoy this extra ending.

Fan Adaptation: Confession 178 (Africa Version) – fan submission 8/20/2019

“she rubbed the back side of your black panty, as her hubby was rubbing his cock intensely while watching both of you and his wife.. then you invited him to suck your nipples, while his wife continued doing your ass ….”

“Earnestly the hubby is sucking your big nipples one by one, while his hand is squeezing the other boob.. Moaning from different parties started to go high in the air .. the wife reacted to his cheating by taking your panties down , parting your cheeks and sticking her tung deep into your anal.. Encouraged by his wife’s initiative, the hubby kissed a trail down to your bare fat pussy and started to open your pussy lips and lick inside.. the moans became graons of ultimate lust .. you shaked your hips back and forth, feeling them davouring your sexy black body, as your rub your nipples”

“The wife went to bring a vibrator to fuck her self while she eats your big butt.. her husband took the chance of her absence and bend your toward his hard dick.. seeing you leaning and sucking her husband dick with passion, the wife pushed her vibrator into your pussy instead .. you screamed loud with this unexpected deep thrust, but the scream was suffocated with a thrust from his big dick reaching your throat ….. They continued fucking you in a momentum while your body is dancing between them meeting each opposite thrust”

” Ohh Livia … your cruves are very attractive” the hubby said as he let you stand then he escorted you to the dining table .. the wife left her vibrator inside your pussy.. she is waiting to see her husband next move.. she want to ask him to fuck you.. but she preferred to see him cheating volunteerly.. she understood her role once she saw him kissing you as he push in and out the vibrator inside your pussy, then let your head to lean on the table, and stood behind you kissing all over your butt cheeks.. the wife smiled and went under you , with one hand she is holding your left boob and sucking your nipple, while the other hand she is moving the vibrator still inside your pussy .. shortly she stopped to look at her husband as he parted your ass and pushed slowly his thick dick inside your anal”

” The wife sitting under you had started to rub her pussy ,while still fucking you with the vibrator, as she watches her husband grinding against your ass while his dick is so deep inside your anal”

” Feeling so horny now the wife went onto the table sitting in front of you parting her legs wide.. pushing your head toward her pussy .. you submissively started to lick her clit as your feel her husband dick fucking your virgin ass deep”

” Many moans and crying went out as the three of you started to cum..” Livia .. please bring your husband next time with you”

Confession: 178

We fucked so many times he decided that I could only be his. I told him, I love riding his cock. I also love eating his wife pussy but I am not their toy. Last night I found him at my door with his wife. Her nicely round tits sat in a black tank. She quickly grabbed my hand then let me feel her hard nipple. Then as I began to say no, she kissed me then rubbed the backside of my panties. Her husband watched while rubbing his thick cock. I wanted to refuse them but instead I said, “come on in.”