short stories

Fantasy 144: Panties

Each day, I arrive at the office I’m overwhelmed with anxiety. The temptation bites at my neck, as I tug at my tie. Tight skirts, take my breathe away as I imagine what’s underneath. I’m so careful, not to reveal horns hidden among youthful curls as I become torn. The torture comes in many forms as I keep my cool. Slightly bent over at the copier, Darla has on a black g-string. Sweating usually takes over my body but I quickly adjust to a new calm. Until one day, curvy Megan began working in my area.

Her introduction was sweet yet naughty. Megan stood in front of me explaining the transfer. She worked in Human Resource but loved Accounting. Since I was now her Manager, my sexual thoughts had to remain a secret.

After a few weeks of working together I began to see more of Megan’s panties. She bent over in front of me a lot. Some days, she would have g-strings and other days beautiful white lace panties.

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