Confession: 174

Our call ended without me revealing the truth. As I sat among beautiful things a reflection of my true desire stared back at me. His sensual questions invaded my privacy and gave way to a real innocence. No I never get horny. No I’m not wet right now. I began to wonder about his feelings as lust entered my veins. The truth haunts me and I’m scared to reveal what he already knows. Yes, I get so horny that panties seem like entrapment. Yes, I want you to thrust all your desire inside of me, never letting go. Please throw me against the wall, then put firm breasts into your hands and lick my nipples. Now I can’t see another day without you, so let me call back.

Livia Fantasy: 3

Participant : 42 year old lawyer

His office is decorated with books and dark pens. I walk in and sit on the desk. The wood felt cold against my thighs. I didn’t know what to wear so I just put on a suit coat. As I adjusted myself on the desk he walks in. Staring like a predator he tells me I’m going to jail for breaking into his office. I spread my legs then softly rub my clit. He loosens his tie and asks me one question. “How loud do you moan?” I smile at him as he removes all his clothes. Then I said,”very loud.”