Confession: 174

Our call ended without me revealing the truth. As I sat among beautiful things a reflection of my true desire stared back at me. His sensual questions invaded my privacy and gave way to a real innocence. No I never get horny. No I’m not wet right now. I began to wonder about his feelings as lust entered my veins. The truth haunts me and I’m scared to reveal what he already knows. Yes, I get so horny that panties seem like entrapment. Yes, I want you to thrust all your desire inside of me, never letting go. Please throw me against the wall, then put firm breasts into your hands and lick my nipples. Now I can’t see another day without you, so let me call back.

I Miss

I miss those long night calls. Where the love was so deep it went through my veins. I shared my dreams and you soaked it all in like a sponge. Lost in my world, you were happy to have any piece of me. Dark nights when tears left my brown eyes you were there to comfort me. Unconditional love became the fabric of our relationship. Nipple to lips, you showed me who I really could be. I learned to be free with you and smiles got bigger. Some days no words could describe so you part my thighs. Slow kisses and sweet sucking turned me on. As our closeness became blended, you forgot about me.

Pouring Wine

Ryan believed that time stood still for him. Ambition carried him far from reality. Juggling two worlds at once he made cuts that caused others to bleed. Rows of women became a collection of dolls with no hearts. Dripping in their juice, he became the master of illusion. High towers and gold was the promise yet he never planned to bring them before glory. Spinning from one thought to the next, his mind became a circus. Pussy didn’t draw him close and praise seemed like a distraction. A master puppeteer, he dangled sweet things before watchful eyes. Then one day, silence crept in ruining his plan. He looked down at the chains on his feet and realized this was is an illusion.