Believe me, as these lips take in your most vulnerable perspective. I kneel as a queen before a king, honored to show this level of appreciation. Watching every emotion on your face produces tears between my thighs. Pulling back, your heart eases off the accelerator then I go in for more. She never did it like this, which makes our time together special. Unique in every way, I trust you with my own innocence. Your foundation of kisses allows me to give in so easily. I am sewn into your being like an invisible thread. As you are so much of me, I am forever your queen.

Memo 6 : From the Boss


Due to company profits and shareholder happiness, we are having an event. This Gala of sorts is mandatory. Please wear only the following:

A tie

Panties /underwear

A five thousand dollar bonus will be given out to all employees in attendance. However if you fail to show up on time, don’t even think about coming back.

-Livia Flair

Bedroom Crush

A simple note, decorated with kisses divided the bedroom door. After 25 years, this random act always brought a smile to my face. Upon opening the door, my wife had her back against the headboard with legs spread open. The only thing that was missing was that Valentine lingerie. Although red lace bras and panties are sexy, seeing her fully exposed before my eyes put me in a surreal moment. Smiling at her I tossed the tie to the floor then took off my shirt. Arms folded I stood at the foot of the bed. Her round ebony breasts were like royalty on a throne of greatness. Then I asked her, what next and she said to me, “Open your gift.”