Glasses hanging off the end of his finger tips, slid to the floor. The chair hugged his body as I kept sucking his cock. Fingers made waves through my hair as he balled long pieces into a fist. This move made me push his cock deep into my throat. Thighs spread, I rubbed my pussy while watching him moan. Focusing all my attention on his face, expressions changed with each lick of my tongue. Even though we were laced in a sensual position he assumed I was a stranger.

A spray of hot cum, released all his tension as he fucked my mouth with slow pumps. Pussy throbbing as wet folds felt his professional fingers. Sweet sounds came from my lips as he kept rubbing on me. “So young and wet I love girls like you.” A smile pushed through cum soaked lips as he grabbed me from under my thighs. Legs on his shoulder he sucked and licked into my wet pussy. Hard cock rising all over again put me in a different mode. Pushing me onto his lap, I fucked him my way. The stroke felt so good, he began to suck on my dark nipples. The strokes became stronger as our passion aligned.

Deep within me, I wondered if I should share my secret. Then as his cum became apart of me, I revealed that I had known him for a long time. His eyes became big with wonder then he said,”How baby?” As my revelation became true, his cock swelled up again as a smile came shining through. “I was your wife’s assistant and although you never seen me, I always had my eye on you.” A hard cock began to pump inside as he wanted me to tell more. My story became endless as he kept fucking me through the night. The next day, I woke up to him massaging my tits and sucking them. I looked at him with a raised brow then said, “Are you mad I got your wife fired?” He stopped sucking my tits then said to me,”Fuck no I am glad she is in jail, what a bitch.”


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