Memo 2 from the boss

A mystery unknown to weak eyes, makes working in my office a challenge. However I hired you to do a job. So as you ponder other choices, remember I can fire you at any time. I know there are rumors around the office but please know this to be true. I don’t give a fuck about what you know. I just care if you are worthy to fuck with me in my office. Go to your desk!


Not Ready

Hearts broken as the song began to repeat. We held hands while traveling a long road then we came to a halt. Showered in words of love our bond became stronger. Then as we began to reminisce about our intimate moments an exploration ensued. Hands to lips, sucking each finger controlled our passion. No, where to go but our journey ended. As the dust settled, big tires came to a stop. Learning a new emotion we shared a sweet kiss. Then the tears came so heavy as we both left the truck, going our separate ways.