Livia Flair 12-11


I laid in bed with his cum between my thighs. Although we were done having fun, he still continued to kiss down my thighs. Seeps of cum tickled my clit as he looked at me with lust in his eyes. I thought it would end at that moment this crazy ride but then he said, “let me taste you one more time.”

To fuck or not  [Poetry]

Two fucks not given, 

lets try three

are you in? 

Are we fucking? 

Slippery not slop, 

rain in my mouth till I say stop. 

Are we fucking?

I guess so, make sure you drill down in my ass. 

I can ride it better like that. 

Are we fucking? 

I hope so, because I want more

I want you, him and them.

I want more, 

Are we fucking or not?

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