Confession: 166

img_3660The responsibility fell on me after the one who gave me life destroyed my fairy tale. In a surreal world I found a beautiful jewel among meaningless rocks. His love went above anything I could imagine but our worlds were not neat. Rough edges sometimes became smooth then those dreamy clouds poured nightmares. No touch became an obstacle but our imagination fueled an undying passion. Problems became small yet they swayed in the background asking us to come look. Youthful days spun us around as we drove virtual cars onto endless highways. Giggles turned into laughs on cold nights as our screens lit romantic rooms. Emotions were not always shared but feelings spoke to us in unique ways. Intimate tricks made us desire more as hard cocks produced wet intentions into the night. Memories stayed on repeat even as we slept, keeping an eye on each other. Then one day the tone became deafening as we traded words of war. The silence soon became a crime that no one would take responsibility for. Now eyes are closed yet there is a beat heard by someone else.



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