Morgan[MFM] [College]

Five critical minutes into the game and Donnie has the ball. He quickly throws it to his teammate who scores a three-pointer. The crowd goes wild, rousing an echo throughout the arena. Donnie rapidly scans the bleachers looking nervous trying to find Morgan among the crowd. As the clock winds down, his teammate aids him in regaining focus by pointing to the clock. Three minutes left in the game and Morgan is nowhere to be seen.

The loud cheers blocked any other noise, especially behind the bleachers. Morgan appeared behind the bleachers bent over sucking Michael’s cock while Carl fucked her anal. The foot-stomping from fans silenced the moans coming from Morgans’ lips. Hard thrusts from Carl caused Morgan to take in the full width of Michael’s cock. Right as another score had been made, Michael exploded cum inside Morgan’s mouth. Fucking her mouth slow as cum dripped from the side of her lip, Dean Floyd walked in. Morgan instantly became shy standing up as both guys covered their erect cocks. The Dean quickly sent the players away then gave Morgan an intense lecture.

The Dean assisted Morgan with her cum soaked clothes as she put her head down. She apologized for the situation as the Dean took a napkin from his suit pocket. He wiped the last bit of cum from the corner of Morgan’s lips while staring at her perky tits. Morgan found it hard to escape his anxious gaze as he remained focused on wiping a neglected corner of her mouth. When he was satisfied with the outcome, he put the napkin up to his lips and kissed it. In awe of what was happening, Morgan suddenly observed the Dean’s pants tent up. He began rubbing his cock then leaned in to kiss Morgans’ pouty lips. Morgan liked the feeling and kissed him back not grasping what he wanted.

The cheers had left the arena when the Dean led Morgan to the front of the bleachers. He sat down then told Morgan to sit her fat wet pussy on his cock. Morgan lifted her cheerleader skirt and straddled the Dean. His cock felt good inside her as she rotated on his lap. The Dean began talking dirty as her tight pussy hugged his swollen cock. Tearing apart her shirt, he shoved perky nipples into his mouth. Morgan closed her eyes as his powerful thrust put them in sync. As cum exploded inside, the Dean revealed something that surprised Morgan.

“Morgan, you fuck good just like your mother and sister. I love it when they come to the game and I fuck them at the same time. Your boyfriend is additionally an exceptional fuck and gives the best blow jobs.”

Morgan became instantly frozen by his words as he pinched her erect nipples. Then she placed her lips to his ear then said, “Your wife and I know you fuck everybody.”The Deans’ expression quickly changed when his wife walked into the arena with two players, stroking their cocks as she came close to her husband.

The players moaned at her touch then she looks at her husband still being straddled by Morgan.

“We both can engage in this game, Floyd.

Thanks to all my readers and listeners

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