A Date for Rubies

Julia sat a bucket of delicious apples on the counter and waited eagerly for Mr. Jones to give a total. Showing a sweet smile, he looked at her then said, “that will be two rubies.” Julia explored worn pockets while Mr. Jones shook his head. He knew she had lost the rubies by looking at the hole in her pocket. Mr. Jones told her to take the apples free of charge but next time won’t be easy. Julia smiled then hurried out the door, bumping into Max.

Max instantly flashed a devious smile then asked Julia for a date. She lowered her head slightly staring into her bucket of apples then softly said, “No Max not today.” Max a street thug from her neighborhood had always liked Julia and would ask her every chance for a date. As she walked right passed him she smelled a sweet perfume. As the fragrance hit her senses he said,”Oh Julia I have thirty rubies if you will have a date with me right now.” Julia held tight to her bucket but turned back to see if he was serious. Right then, Max carefully opened his palm revealing thirty shiny rubies. Julia smiled with no effort looking at them as if she had hit the lottery. Then suddenly Max closed his palm flashing a wicked smile. Julia’s expression changed but then she thought about the date. A few minutes with Max, would be interesting and give her money for the week.

Max presented Julia ten rubies then took her behind the store. Julia looked around for any passerby but no one was to be seen. Julia a little uncomfortable put down her bucket of apples then looked at Max. Pushed against the brick store wall, Max fondled her tender chocolate breasts. Moaning while touching her delicate skin, he wanted Julia to return the favor. Julia froze but realized this is the kind of date her mother warned about. She knew staying there too long would cause her family to come seek her so she took control.

Julia reached down into Max’s pants, gently massaging his average cock. He moaned then tried to grind his pelvis against her. She recognized what he wanted, but being a virgin meant everything to her.”Come on Julia let me put this thing in your fat pussy.” he said while trying to grind against her again. Julia went into action undressing him down to nothing then shoved his cock into her mouth. He began fucking her mouth slow as she hugged it with her lips. Each stroke pushed to the back of her throat as she began to gag a little. Max moaned as he gripped her long dark hair. Then suddenly he yelled out,”Julia don’t let me cum like this, please give me your pussy!” Julia became the master, hugging his cock tighter letting her juices flow down to his shaft. A spray of cum hit the back of her throat and he jerked slowly into Julia’s mouth. Stunned by her sensual nature he flung two bags of rubies he had stolen onto the ground. Julia smiled at his gift for the date then took the rubies along with her apples.

A few days later Julia went into the local grocery to get some apples. Mr. Jones gently leaned against the cash register then rang up the apples. She looked at him with an innocent smile while reaching into her pocket. Her pocket was bare as usual which caused Mr. Jones to shake his head once again. “Julia what do you want to do about this problem?” Julia shrugged her shoulders then said, “Would you like a date with me?” Mr. Jones gave a smirk as she snatched him by the hand, taking him to the back of the store.

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