Livia’s Office

The quiet one will shock you one day. As a writer I am constantly aware of my audience. I enjoy all the support I get from my readers. I not only do this for you but for me as well. When I am firmly holding a cock deep within my wet pussy, I think to myself what if I could squeeze yours that way. One day, I could reveal so much that it will make both of us cum, wouldn’t that be nice? Relax its not perfect, but my passionate words are certainly worth it. When I make love to someone, share that journey with me.

 Now I have to smile a bit because I know how this will affect me in a few minutes. In the office, when I am licking pussy, she moans my name then I go in deeper just to satisfy you as well. Two or three it never matters to me just as long as you do what I say in this office. Just stay calm, I know its hard having me as a boss but I promise I give the best rewards.

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Confession: 168

I bent over then grabbed the sheets as I felt his tongue inside my fat ass. In love, sometimes we last too long then it becomes meant to be. Our showers together begin with laughs then as bubbles form we become close. Wrapped inside one another we make the most out of every minute as we fuck against the shower wall. On lazy days we stare at the clock then knock it off the table like kids. Smiles give a rainbow of expressions as pillows fly in the air like large confetti. Then the clock turns at a point where neither one of us want to leave but we can’t escape reality.  One last kiss on my clit sets him a blaze then he begs me for a ride. I squeeze his cock inside of me not wanting him to go but he has too. Filling my open gate with all his treasure he gives one last kiss. Then I shut the door as he leaves realizing his love is the greatest gift. 


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There are just somethings that only I can do. As the boss I set the tone for the whole office. When I walk in, I want your full attention. There is no reason to act like your working in my office. Erect cocks and wet pussy is allowed in this office. No deadlines just cum to me when I tell you. Quick fucks in the mail room are allowed, only if you invite me to watch. Lunch dates can be fuck dates in the break room just clean up your mess. Raises? I give those only to the best performers. So get on your knees and show me what you got.
Pics please –Love Livia Flair