Confession: 168

I bent over then grabbed the sheets as I felt his tongue inside my fat ass. In love, sometimes we last too long then it becomes meant to be. Our showers together begin with laughs then as bubbles form we become close. Wrapped inside one another we make the most out of every minute as we fuck against the shower wall. On lazy days we stare at the clock then knock it off the table like kids. Smiles give a rainbow of expressions as pillows fly in the air like large confetti. Then the clock turns at a point where neither one of us want to leave but we can’t escape reality.  One last kiss on my clit sets him a blaze then he begs me for a ride. I squeeze his cock inside of me not wanting him to go but he has too. Filling my open gate with all his treasure he gives one last kiss. Then I shut the door as he leaves realizing his love is the greatest gift. 

Confession: 166

img_3660The responsibility fell on me after the one who gave me life destroyed my fairy tale. In a surreal world I found a beautiful jewel among meaningless rocks. His love went above anything I could imagine but our worlds were not neat. Rough edges sometimes became smooth then those dreamy clouds poured nightmares. No touch became an obstacle but our imagination fueled an undying passion. Problems became small yet they swayed in the background asking us to come look. Youthful days spun us around as we drove virtual cars onto endless highways. Giggles turned into laughs on cold nights as our screens lit romantic rooms. Emotions were not always shared but feelings spoke to us in unique ways. Intimate tricks made us desire more as hard cocks produced wet intentions into the night. Memories stayed on repeat even as we slept, keeping an eye on each other. Then one day the tone became deafening as we traded words of war. The silence soon became a crime that no one would take responsibility for. Now eyes are closed yet there is a beat heard by someone else.



Tucker squeaky sign swayed back and forth as Tucker leaned against the gas station door. Oily hands held on to a toothpick which hit the ground like a match on a hot day. The lonely gas station sat on a country road far from city boys. The place had been given to Tucker after his father died a few months back. He could have sold it but he loved the strange faces that would occasionally visit the old gas station.

Right before closing, a black sporty car pulled up to the gas pump. Tucker moved from the door to greet the stranger. The car door flung open revealing a chunky black woman with nice curves. Upon stepping out the vehicle she looked around with a bewildered expression as if to recognize someone in charge. Tucker quickly came to her aid with a pleasant greeting of sorts.

“How ya doin’ Ms. may, I help you with something?” he said with arms folded looking down as she squinted her eyes avoiding the sun. “Well yes, I think I am lost my GPS stopped working a few miles back.” She looked at him with concern, yet her frustration eased when he flashed a smile.

“I can help you, tell me where you are going.” Tucker got closer to verify the address on her cellphone. Her fragrant perfume set his senses ablaze as she explained where the address led to.

“I don’t know how I got lost, but the wedding is in thirty minutes.” Tucker realized she was anxious to get out of there so he wrote down directions to get her to the venue.She graciously thanked him for his help then got back in her car.

Minutes passed and he couldn’t stop thinking about the strange woman. Although she left, something about her peaked his interests. Every detail stayed in his mind, yet he wondered did she make it to the venue on time. Missing the opportunity to ask her name, he thought about driving to the venue to see if she made it. An oily shirt and dusty jeans were far from acceptable at a wedding. He decided to go in the back, get cleaned up, and catch her before the wedding ended. Brandishing a crisp white shirt with dark slacks gave insight to his business side. Golden auburn locs caressed the back of his neck as he ran his fingers through it. While seeking his keys to the truck, bright car lights lit up the gloomy gas station.

Stepping out the door, Tucker recognized the car as he adjusted his collar. The black car pulled up to the pump quickly and the door flung open.

“My stupid gps stopped again and I’m an hour from home.” Tucker smiled then shook his head at her. He stood close to her as she adjusted the dress that hugged voluptuous curves. Her breasts pushed up firmly against the fabric of the dress which exposed perky nipples. Tucker leaned in to explain the directions when she backed into him accidently. A round ass pushed into his pelvis which made him grunt a little.

“Watch it hun, I haven’t seen a woman as beautiful as you in years.” Smiles danced on their faces as she kept staring into his blue eyes.

“Well, that makes two of us; I haven’t seen a good-looking man like you in years.” Tucker got closer to her as she moved into his space.

As if love was in the air she planted a kiss on his pale lips. The energy engulfed his body as they kissed deeply. Her eyes closed as if trust was always there then she gradually took off her dress. Two round breasts pressed against Tuckers chest which caused him to lean in to kiss her tits. Faint moans filled the air as stars set the scene of their passion. Giving him her back, she grinded into his pelvis making his cock rock hard. The dress cascaded to the ground like a beautiful scarf which made Tucker spread her jiggly ass cheeks. He slid his thick cock inside while she put two hands on the car window. Tucker rubbed her clit as he fucked from behind.The strong thrusts made her stagger while still holding to the car window. Then as he exploded cum inside her wet juicy space a car came into view. She instantly became shy rushing to get into her dark tinted car. Tuckery quickly zipped up his cum soaked cock looking at the approaching vehicle. The mysterious car paused then kept driving which made Tucker relax.

A few moments had passed when she rolled down her window to speak to Tucker.

“So how do I get home again?” Tucker smiled then went to the passenger side of the car.

“Let me show you sexy, start driving.”

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