Dorthy ran through the woods looking for a safe place to hide. Naked in an unknown place she took rest by an old boat. The air was bitter yet not worthy of a coat. She escaped the sex dungeon of Draco but had to find her way home.

Upon further investigation, she found an old blanket in the boat. In a haste, she wrapped the red semi damp blanket around her naked body and began to walk. The journey seemed endless yet she knew stopping was not an option.

Approaching the highway, her fear became real. Thousands of poisoned vampires were having sex with dead humans. Monster sized cocks punished innocent mothers and fathers alike. Fleshy pussies were tongue fucked hard with no mercy. Dorthy stepped back to retreat into the woods, upon her discovery. Taking slow steps backwards she felt a tongue licking inside her anal. Intoxicated by lust she began rubbing her wet pussy. As she submitted to the vampires power, she heard a gunshot.

As she came back to herself, she seen a werewolf with a shotgun. He shot the vampire before he could kill her. In close proximity, the werewolf threw her blanket to the ground. He then put his fingers in her pussy, tasting her juices upon hairy fingertips. She began to faint as he threw her onto his massive shoulders. Then he carried Dorothy back to the sex dungeon.


Up Next: Ghostly

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